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Super Dungeon Master Ace...
1987 Dungeon Master, 1989 Chaos Strikes Back!




Update v1.02 added - new kid's mode implemented.


a new STEAM version will be available October 15:

It will feature improved gameplay and 32 unique game achievements!

The game's almost finished!! + Looking for beta testers

Hey, I love the look of your game and have just spent six months working on my own one, so am looking for something new: could I please be a beta tester for you?
Resume: given feedback on one released RPGMaker fangame, and several other fan-made games for a variety of dungeon-crawling engines. Am a RL software tester with a history in games and a love for adventure: you game looks fun and looking for a new challenge. Hope you consider my offer of help.

Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff v1.0 RELEASED!

Minor update: there is a v1.01 here for the few people who have been experienceing issues with the VX installer (is standalone, RTP included)

v1.01 zip file

and game hints can be found here:
DM Forum Topic

thanks again!
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