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[RMVX ACE] [STEAM][ARTIST]Do I urgently need an artist? Could it be you?

Seriously, you have: I appreciate honest constructive feedback.
Ok, 'watch this space'... :)

posted a revised intro sequence and artwork... the shift in palette was a fantastic idea - and have added edges (though a bit flat) to pick-out the characters more... it's a more cohesive intro anyway, thanks for the inspiration! :)

[RMVX ACE] [STEAM][ARTIST]Do I urgently need an artist? Could it be you?

Wonderful - thankyou for this. I did realise the phrase I should have posted was 'as a creative director, what would you change in my game' - as you've hit that mark completely.

I suspect I've not spent as much time or care on the artwork in order to deliver the core game, and I think it shows in places.

Palette and definition seem to be two strong takeaways form your observations - thankyou. I will see how I can improve on those areas.

Glad to hear that you feel it is not without redemption: it's difficult sometimws to gauge 'what good looks like' when you've been staring at it for an awful long time: thanks again! your feedback is invaluable!

[RMVX ACE] [STEAM][ARTIST]Do I urgently need an artist? Could it be you?

Hi, well the artwork I have is based heavily on Dungeon Master, but as a genre, it is a different beast of a game.
RPGM provides a cleaner, top-down approach.

My initial concern is that the art-style for my game feels conflicted, messy.

I guess this game should be made more appealing to the RPGM community: it should showcase how a different flavour of RPGM can be made, perhaps.

Otherwise, the user is left asking 'why was this made?' - it currently feels a little like it is falling between two stools, so am looking for advice, inspiration or even help.

[RMVX ACE] [STEAM][ARTIST]Do I urgently need an artist? Could it be you?

I've been developing my RPG Maker VX Ace game for about a year now, and it is live on Steam:


From the feedback I get, it goes along the lines of a 'a love letter written in crayon'.

While I have received a lot of feedback and support from other communities, am finding it difficult to make this game attractive to the RPGM fans.

So here I am: looking for advice and potentially volunteers looking to get a credit on a released Steam game. Even if you cannot directly help, would love to hear what you think of the current art-style and happy to discuss why certain artistic choices were made.

Where should I go from here? Thanks for your time.

New user trying to make his first game! Any advice welcome

just trawling through all these comments and it seems we all want the same thing.
good luck - enjoy it.
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