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Super Dungeon Master Ace...
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Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Wow cool dungeon master I love this game. I gave you a Sub

Thankyou! The feedback from so many people is really making me revisit and polish this game - so all interest and help most appreciated! Thankyou!

Retro Geemu

cool! downloadeded!

We All Fall Down

Hi, just came acorss this: am a big fan of games like Fallout 2 and this is a great RPG with lots of promise: there is a sense of a whole wolrd here which you have really captured and I do love.

I know this is a demo, but I think you can exploit the genre far more: Fallout had it's whole atomic modernism to spoof, and you have the film noir, american war propaganda posters, post art-deco, dieselpunk, pathe news vibe to really bring out: I got thinking about this mainly because of that damned music you have for combat -
really grates for me! (sorry! check out places like FMA for anything better and free, and is it possible to vary it?)

But let's not get distracted by the little things, it is a demo: you have some great characters, some solid mssions, a nice combat balance where the game is attrition, resource management, weapon-hunting and level-grind.

the other threads and the review do cite the bugs and the lack of warnign about thirst (eg: watch where bodies fall: bottom of ladder in bunker where you get ambushed, you can walk up through the walls if body falls at top near wall and locked door)

The maps are sprawling and I did find it tricky knwoing where to go off the edge of certain parts: perhaps a bit more signposting - and remove a lot of clutter? All those tiny plants and rocks that stop movement - it becomes a dance to get across the screen and avoid the monsters.

The combat is ok - needs more variety, and soem of the backdrops are soo dark I cannot see much with my aging eyess. Firearms looks good, but I too had the bug where I was equipping bullets so look forward to that.

However, the cycle of bleeing, fracturing, diseasing does help break up the button-mashing side of combat: there are soem nice layers of strategy and each game I play is different. I'm not usually one for this type of combat, but I like this variation - keeps it fresh, but needs tewaking. So look forward to the next demo.

Finally, I do like the writing: there is a nice mix of very dark and desperate (starts with dismembered youngsters) with some of the darkly funny stuff (the spider-hunter's diary for example). There is an awful lot of dialogue, not sure if tehre is a better way to show it off, but overall is ok.

I'd love to review it, but see this has already been done very well, so will wait until the main game comes along.

Overall, I do like where this is going and looking forward to the next update.

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Could just use the first person scripts/system that is out there... just saying.

Is there a first-person script? Interested to know where that exists, though I am toying with the idea of a 'mode7' view for this game...

Is this like a sequel to dungeon master on the SNES?

I'm not sure how faithful the SNES version was to the original Atari ST version, however they seem the same: this game is a remake of the original 'Dungeon Master' - so if you are familiar with the SNES version, then yes, you should find something familiar in this version - though I have added bits here and there to make it interesting.

for full original version details, here is a good place to look: DM Wiki

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Thankyou for your kind words! Hope you enjoy it!

As a taster, have started to put together some videos for this:

Hey, even if you never get a chance to play this incarnation, by all means do check out the originals: I strongly recommend going to the original DM-Forums; there you can find the original games in a variety of downloadables, and the forum hosts are ever so nice too.

DM Forum

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Thanks for the link! - I have never played DM2, though I did almost buy a physical copy a few years ago. Sadly all my original Atari ST games are long gone: but I can still play emulated, and have dabbled in DM2 briefly thanks to a fan-made emulator (there are many fan- dungeons I've played however, and some real tough ones are still being made)

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

Is that the Sega Theron's Quest...? If so, I only tried it a bit - it is very hard to control with gamepad, but am considering it as something to do on my Android phone while I commute :) - there seems to be many version so f this game, found out the Saturn had a version too...

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

I've still got the SoundBlaster version for DOS somewhere. The ST version was a load time monster, as I recall.
Yes, the Atari ST version did take a while to download - which is probably why they allowed you to save anywhere: [long standing debates on this: eg: (http://www.dungeon-master.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=24670])

So for me, save anywhere spoils DM as now (in emulation), reloads are instantaneous. And so, to make it interesting, in my fan-game, specifically put in save checkpoints on the game map: make the player work for it. :)

For me, the problem I always had on ST was not the game, but the dodgy mouse port! Two ST FMs I had, both had iffy mouse ports after a few years... still, loved the original on ST: and now planning to play again using CSBwin (CSBWin)

Super Dungeon Master Ace: The Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

So did I - and it was an epic game:
Disclaimer - this is NO replacement, just think of it as a quirky little mashup and that'll ratchet down expectations enough for me to be comfortable! :)

You love the original?
Check out: Playing original Atari ST version on DOS

or even one of the homebrew versions, like this:
List of homebrew versions

there exists a whole catalogue of 18 years of fan-made dungeons to go explore!
some of the stuff they have there is really worth checking out:
they have the whole history of the game, past interviews, magazine scans, very silly threads, etc.
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