Luxaren Allure

I wanted to report a bug. The game crashed a few times during battles. The error message said: "Script 'animated Battlers' line 824: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'item' for nil:NilClass" Other than that, the game was nearly perfect.

But also I wanted to just thank you for making such an amazing game, and especially to thank you for making a LGBT friendly game.


I'm just getting started, but so far here is my impression. The game is solidly built. The battle/ magic system offers room for strategy without being overly complicated. The monster and characters sprites are great. And you have obviously put a lot of time into the maps and cities.

The biggest problem with open world exploration games, is having players feel lost and unable to keep track of quests and storylines. But you solved this brilliantly with your helpful informants.

I feel like I have put in a lot of play time but I don't seem to be making much progress.
I lost an hour or more of progress when I got to the magic school and realized that characters can only learn one type of magic and that they have magic affinities. Was that mentioned in the 'Read Me' file tips? Maybe I overlooked it.

And I lost more progress, after reading your note about the increase in monster strength every 5/10 levels. I decided to start over and try a new strategy. This is an intriguing idea, but it creates a sort of catch-22. We need to fight monsters to get money, but we need to avoid fights so we don't raise our level too high.

By the time I could afford some second tier equipment and few spells, I was at level 25 and the the monsters are too strong for me to get in (and back out) of the first dungeon.

I have two suggestions on how you might improve the situation. 1) You could tweak the balance, upping the gold and/or lowering the experience per battle. But this might make the early part of the game even more grindy.
2) Provide an alternate source of income. The easiest way is too simply scatter more money caches in chest/furniture/pots around the world. After all the best part of any RPG game of this kind is finding secret treasure chest filled with loot.

Sunken Spire

I was excited to find the game continues after reaching the top of the spire. But this part of the game is brutal. Really stuck on Esikiel vs Arachne (sp?). Seems buggy. Sometimes I get hit multiple times without gaining any DP points. Damage given is inconsistent even when I don't have any status ailments. And the shielding skill should give you 5 stacks but only gives you one.
Any hints for beating the spider lady (third level)?

Sunken Spire

Hints on the side quests and Saint Selena's relics. There is a NPC in the eastern part of the town (near the cave) who will give you hints. You will need to backtrack to the south forest and the lab areas and explore the forest and cave systems around the Spire.

To find the missing cat.
Take the south exit out of the town back into the forest. There is a side path to the east that will lead to a clearing.

Selena’s relics for Liam:
I don't remember exactly where the first relic was (A stone tablet). I found it in the Spire, I think I was on level 5.

The second relic (the statue) is hidden somewhere in the town.

I’m not certain where I got the third relic (the Necromancer set), but I think it was in the cave system past the tree house.

The forth (a book) was back at the lab where you started. You need a guide to show you where it is hidden.
Remember that skeleton in the prison who ignored you when you tried to fight it?

The fifth relic (a diary) is hidden in a tree. To get to the tree, leave the town by the west exit. After crossing the bridges, Take the second path leading north and keep going up until you get to the screen just before the Spire. The tree is just below and west of the spire.

You and I.

Great game. Excellently written story and enjoyable gameplay. Thanks for including the Auto battle option. Do you write stories as well as make games? These characters (and your 'I object' demons) would make a great graphic novel or web comic.

I did run into one bug, the game crashed but worked fine when I restarted. When
Victor and Fremat fight each other
I got the error message:
"A description violation of adress 00000348 occurred in address 004986DF of module 'RTP_RT.exe".

Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

Reminds me of the old saying "You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you can't keep all of the people happy all of time."

I just started my fifth game. Each time I get a little closer, but I am no where near being strong enough to defeat the boss. I got smart and saved a copy of the save file externally, 10 minutes into the game, so I don't have to go through all the dialogue again this time. The Autosave is both a blessing and a curse.

If the developer ever releases an update, A 'quick start' option (that skips the opening dialogues) would be much appreciated. Also there is still a bug, where the game gets stuck if you die and go to the infirmary just before you run out of time on a loan or the doomsday clock.


The walkthrough file that came with the game downloaded from this site did not contain the whole walkthrough, just game controls and credits. I downloaded the game from the Climbing Cat website, and that version did have the walkthrough, so I was able to see how to make the toy without the nail.


Bug? My nail is missing.
I started playing the game , but I got stuck trying to make a toy for McFluff. I watched two Youtube video walkthroughs and they both show the player getting a nail from a chest after getting some alcohol, but I didn't get any nail, and the chest is no longer active. Is this a bug or has the nail been moved since the videos were made?
PS. I loved your game Ink Travelers. I hope you make a sequel.
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