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Spell Blaster - Demo Ava...
1-2 Player Arcade-Style Action Puzzle Game



Spellblaster Demo this week!

Am I stoked? Yes.

Am I looking forward to it? Absolutely.

Am I going to be sincere about my impressions regardless? You bet.

Please do!!!

Devlog update!

Looking real fun! Puts me in the mind of top-down action games like Pocky & Rocky or Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Cool stuff.

Those games bring back many fun memories haha. There will be zombies in one area for sure, however no giant babies... xD

Victory dance!

Cute! Maybe give her a little happy face to go with it?

That's a good point xD

Spell Blaster - Demo Available!

Sounds like a super cool concept! I like the idea of a simple top-down action game with some puzzles thrown in for good measure.

Looks nice! Will be following!

Thank you both!

Naima's Melody

I love the character model. Looking forward to what you put together! :-)

Thanks Aero, I appreciate it!

Naima's Melody

I've been following this game since the early days and have always been impressed by the level of polish and obvious love with which it's been developed. We all understand IRL issues and the hiatus status - it happens to us all. I hope your IRL issues iron out soon.

Thanks for the support djbeardo! Its taken me a few months to get back into the creative side of things. Since I won't be able to use Naima's main story or characters (they belong to the designer), I will most likely begin my own game with certain Naima inspirations.

I'm already in the beginning phases of a new prototype, so if it works out I'll make a new page for it. Here is example of the new main characters walk/run:

Naima's Melody

Oh, wow. This looks really nice! Just subbed and looking forward to playing. :-)

Awesome, thanks!

Naima's Melody

As a skeptic of the scripting era of RPG Maker, could you take a moment to explain your custom scripts to me? Were they commissioned or did you program them yourself?

Hello! I can provide a little insight into our projects plugins/scripts. So first off every plugin (except the menu) is a freely available plugin in the MV community. The menu was a custom plugin we commissioned.

With that said, some core plugins to get this ABS effect came with a lot of compatibility issues. One plugin in particular, Altimit Movements, changes the way the engine reads movements, so naturally other plugins required compatibly patches to play nice together. We have had several compatibility patches to various different plugins that allow us to ultimately do what we are able to do.

For combat situations, they are all evented situations. I know little to nothing about coding so I stick to eventing with some script calls. I consider myself a label jump junky as I'm sometimes limited in our event trigger usage.

Hopefully that helped and didn't just bore. xD


You have some cliff issues here. Remember that cliffs need to be the same height if they share the same top and ground bases.

Ah yes, thanks! xD

[ARTIST FOR HIRE] Sprite Art and VN/Game Art

Just want to give a shout out to CChameleon. She is wonderful to work with and very timely with her work. I’ve had three or so commissions from her so far and definitely plan to keep coming back!
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