Just starting to get my feet in the water with this "coding" thing...
If everyone could please be patient and answer my questions, I'd be much obliged.



Qui Domi

Still periodically checking in on RMN to see if any of the projects I once hoped would finish have done so~ Qui Domi was such a charming game, I'd love to see it finished; even if that means the game being shorter than intended, just to have a pin put in it and say, "It's complete".

Qui Domi

I'm really glad to see you're considering finishing this project, even just as something slowly being worked on. I really enjoyed the demo and this was the only of the 3 commercial RPGMaker games I was looking forward to that never got any traction; the others being Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass and Omori. I hope one day to have Qui Domi in my Steam library, just to round out what I thought would be my Holy RPGMaker Trinity.

In short, yes, people are still periodically checking to see if this game is still in production. Or, maybe I'm just weird.

Soul Shepherd

This game isn't abandoned, is it? :c

Mica: Apoptosis Demo Complete - Seeking Beta Testers!

Sure, I'll give beta testing this a shot. I'll do my best to do this what I did to Morrowind. *cracks knuckles*

Merry Christmas, Alfred Robbins

I suppose I'll be the first to dive into this lunacy. May God have mercy on my soul.
Definitely looking forward to... Whatever this is. Reminds me of Maniac Mansion.

On my unannounced haitus

I'm still wanting to see this completed D: Been watching it for a few months now >: Make it happen, person! D<

Lisa "The First"

A few bugs/errors:
1. There is a tile passability issue in the hilly area where you get the work gloves; the red roof tiles can be entered by walking down through a tree above it.

2. At one point in this odd disco-maze thing with those damn spiders, one wandered to the checkpoint and hit me as soon as I was sent to it...
Which left me chuckling the rest of the way through the maze because it froze me into doing the "climbing" animation the rest of the way. It was fixed when I left the screen; but I didn't get caught again while stuck in that animation, so I don't know if getting hit would have fixed it.

3. Am I supposed to open the inventory while watching the VHS? Because doing so changes my sprite... O.o Maybe want to make it offer "return to entrance" like most of the maze segments?

Also, expect a review once I finish. I've played enough of these "psychological surreal horror adventure games" to have my two cents be informed, at the least. ><

Turning a script process off

Have them turn on self switch A when they die.
That might work. :)

Let's talk about cards, guys.

NOTE: Cards, when used, are shuffled back into the deck. In no way can cards be lost for a battle or some such.

Discarding a card would be an absolutely crippling penalty. A kid's mother couldn't discard a card from her without having her taken from him by CPS. It's THAT harsh.

Okay so, maybe "discard" was the wrong word. :P

High Pressure: All combos miss unless a card not used in it is played in addition to the original cards.

Again, it sounds awkward. But I basically am trying to force all combo's to require an extra card, to penalize triple combo-ers.

Let's talk about cards, guys.

Attack+ Alta+Alumni = Element Charge: Discard a magic card in your hand. For the next 3 turns, all your attacks deal damage based on the element of Magic card you discarded.

Okay, that REALLY came out longer than I intended. >.>
An explanation:
If you play this combo, then discard Exuro(etc.), your attacks deal Exuro (etc.) damage.
If you discard Sano, your attacks won't miss.
If you discard Alumni, your attacks won't be affected by lowered attack power/raised defense power.
If you discard Atra, your attacks will have a slightly higher crit rate.
If you discard Lux, your attacks may pierce ignore enemy Defense.

EDIT: If you had the player draw at the END of their turn...
Then High Pressure could be one scary ability. Specially if you can keep Draw/Brave Gathering.
Maybe Ventus/Exuro+Sano+Alta could give that effect for five turns?

DOUBLE EDIT: Amplifier could be a good ability, too; as is.
because, it works both ways. Either player can use the effect, and if you add in debuffs, you have a pretty cool effect.