Just starting to get my feet in the water with this "coding" thing...
If everyone could please be patient and answer my questions, I'd be much obliged.


Code for player location on map?

I would just ask in IRC, but it won't work on this computer.
I've pored over the script, but can't figure out which part I would use to transfer the PLAYER to a new map, while keeping the same X,Y coordinates.

I have a script for doing it to the Ship, and tried modifying it to work for the player, but to no avail.

This is the script currently:


"Counter" mechanic

I would like to know if I properly coded this so that certain items give you "counter", where enemies take damage based on their own attack power.

Here is the code:

def make_attack_damage_value(attacker)
damage = attacker.atk * 4 - self.def * 2 # base calculation
if self.element_set.include?(18)
damage = attacker.atk
damage = apply_variance(damage, 20) # variance
@hp_damage = damage

it at least didn't bust my game, so that's a start.
But, will it serve my purpose?

Thanks to all who help!

Getting a RPG Maker game to work on a website?

I would like to Host my game on a website, but don't have a clue how to do so.
I know I need to put the RTP files on the webpage and have them download, (perhaps temporarily),
and then have the game on the page.

Any Web-Whizzes know how I could do this?

How do I set a vehicle as an event?

I need to be able to store a vehicle's X and Y co-ords (as a variable) for a puzzle.
But I can't figure out how to make a variable for it's co-ords, because it is not showing up as an event.

Could someone please tell me how to make the ship an event/ store its coordinates?

Hurr... Water puzzle help...

Nevermind, my bro is helping so you can delete this topic.

RTP sprites and hand-drawn faces/enemy battle sprites?

Is this a bad combination?
Because my friend loves to draw people, and my brother loves drawing monsters.
Their art styles are different, (my brother goes crazy with colored pencils,(He's good, but our scanner is crap); and the face artist just uses pencil,) but do you think they would contradict too much?
or would it look okay?
Would having Greyscale face sprites bother you?


For research purposes...

...What are, in your opinion, some of the best RM games you've played, and why?
Was it a spectacular battle system?
An epic plot?
Lovable characters?

Playing these games can only help me make my own games better.
It's not like I'm gonna DIRECTLY take a section of plot, but I will observe plot flow, complexity, how it's presented, etc.

Also, if you want a shameless plug for your game, this is the place to put it.
I'd probably be none the wiser. :P

Lets Play: An un-reviewed RM game!

That's right. You heard me. UN-reviewed.
I'm sure there's some hidden gems out there- We just need to find them.
I would like to ask you to play one COMPLETED and unreviewed RM game that you have never played before, and post what your thoughts on the game were in this topic.

Hopefully someone finds a diamond amongst the coal.

NOTE: Try to complete the game unless it completely disdains you to play it.

I'll start. My game: World in Danger.

"Cover" ability coding?

How would I code an ability similiar to Final Fantasy's "cover", where one character takes damage for another character for a short time?

Any help would be appreciated.


Collab project proposal: "RPG Party" Please sign up!

Looking for some more-experienced devolopers to help code a VX game with me.
The game's title is "RPG Party". Think Mario Party, just with RPG characters, and battles and puzzles instead of minigames.

If anyone would be willing to lend their expertise to this project, I'd be much obliged.

Please post here and/or send a message to my mailbox if you'd like to participate.
The more people who can work on it, the better it will be!

I have made simple two player demo with one enemy to fight, but the player switching and map moving mechanics (mostly) work.

Game can be played here:

Working game demo up!
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