My mind is full of fuck.
Working on:

All the other games that I can't post.

temp: look at later nothing to anything here.

Alter Fate
What lies beyond the truth of your closed off world?


Just thought you should know

Battle Script Bug

I keep having this bug that doesn't show the battle end screen showing my experience, nor receive any, etc and just goes right out of there quickly.

Not sure what it is. lol I have been messing around though. Must someone script conflicting with it. I have Ace Battle System 1.22.

Iron Man 3 Trailer (Aus ver)

Oh my god, mate!

RPG Maker Ace Sample Game Link

Dexter S8(unless you're on season 7, post away anyway)

It's deliciously good.

Episode 1 and 2 are awesome. It'll keep getting better when Yvonne comes next week.

Bad Translator

Original text:

"My penis is so huge it reaches the top of the moon"

...8 translations later, Bing gives us:

"My brother was so big, small recipe of the month basic amount"

Wait, what?

Keep getting this

.....Script Problem, lol forget to add that in the title sorry.

SystemStackError occurred.

stack level too deep

Must be a script problem from Yanify.

[Resource]Birdman character set?

I need one for vx/ace. Though I can properly use the char generator easily.

edit: oops, I meant to put REQUEST in.

message box commands for Ace

Can someone list down the message box commands, quite confusing for some of them.
Like for speed of the message, etc. None of them are in english, but used a patched ver.

Elder Scrolls Online

It looks WOW'ish I mean not wow.

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