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Eternia's Promise
Destined souls collide in a battle against a promise kept to save the universe


Request for a crowd sound in a city

As the title as said, have you got a looping crowd sound, I mean, it has to last abit longer, without overlapping every few seconds.

How many maps do I need for a average demo?

I was just wondering that, because I only think of maybe 30 or so maps. Before releasing anything. For example, Dreamwalker is in Acts, per say, it would be a full game, rather then a demo, but I only got 63 maps, but even so it looked like I already started, it's only earlier in the game.

German game: In the heart of darkness: first game with gay characters?

Free RPGs to Fill Bars with(RPG Maker)

All I can do familiar is the seven sages and The Legend of the Philosopher’s Stone

Why does the battle end while I get paralyzed in battle?

Obvious topic title is obvious.

It happens, when a enemy does that.

Keeping Character Levels

Topic title should of had "?" at the end.

I wonder how you keep your characters levels if they leave the group/party or whatever, then come back later on still have the same levels(though I'm doing a game where at the end of each character arc they end at certian level like they start from level 1 til 10 and end there for awhile. I know it's something to do with naming a variable "partynumber" and choosing which character number slot in the Hero section for example "0001".

Much help would be great.

captcha: argist biocide. lmao.

Message Box Help

I'm hoping to replace the system set for dreamwalker, and use a picture set system instead, and need help on putting on the text inside, and not put it over of course. Got any good suggestion for where to place, like with X and Y for the bottom of course.

how to make a boss and have Mirrors to make it harder

What I'm trying to say here is how do I make it work like that?. What is the purpose of the bosses having mirror mirror images of themselves, like do they heal the boss or use a skill on the boss to make him harder? I need help on that with a boss in my SOLDIER game.

I don't mean how to make a boss. lol. That seem a dumb title start off.

Edit: Just bumping up again.
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