There is not a single person in the world who does not dream. I was no exception, images of a beautiful future were created in my head. Events that would make not only me but also people close to me happy. Watching movies, I imagined myself as their hero. I was always drawn to fame and public recognition, but I could not always admit it to myself. When you strive to become famous you have to look for talents in yourself that can lead to fame. I couldn't boast of such accomplishments. In each new hobby, I imagined the possibilities of approaching fame.

I was just an ordinary kid with no special talents. I played soccer, like all the boys in the yard, and dreamed of glory as a soccer player. I started to play this game very late and it was hard for me to expect much success. The qualities that my peers had mastered in my early childhood, I had to learn in my teenage years. They could never understand why I couldn't perform certain soccer elements. I was never able to clearly explain the reason for the lack of these skills. In parallel with soccer I was involved in bodybuilding. My particular passion for soccer began to fade and the gym began to dominate my life. I was reviewing the famous workouts of the great bodybuilders of today. Ways to properly gain muscle mass and adherence to nutrition. However, after analyzing my health, I realized that I would have to say goodbye to a career as a bodybuilder.

I do a lot of community work and try to constantly evolve. Recently I got interested in a new kind of earning on the Internet. Copywriting. I hope that my future will be related to this direction, and if not, I will just move on. Into the bright tomorrow of my extraordinary life.


09/10/2021 02:38 AM
North Sydney, NSW, AU

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