Veteran student who has the knowl that is needed to answer questions and stuff like that.

I'm making a game too, but since I am not an artist, musician, programmer, or writer, it's going extremely slowly. You can find it over there->

I also joined in a handful of RMN's events, here's some of the games I got:

Click here for crappy rpgmaker horror memes that i made during rmn events that were too short to make anything for


See my other playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

See my third playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

Personal notes:
- DO NOT use nested loops in RPGMaker
- DO NOT use centered origin show picture, it cannot be removed unless it goes back to topleft corner origin
- F9 for debug menu
- My biggest trip up is mapping. I really have no idea whatsoever when it comes to making maps. Which means I need to get a good map idea before I can make something even remotely playable.
Zack's Ultimate RPG Lite
This is my ultimate first game. It looks just like any noob's first RTP game. No RTP needed. About 1-2 hrs..



Jingle Jangle Jam

you are not impressing anyone if you are gonna arbitrarily decide that someones game is incomplete based on a random signpost, even though the game can be finished from beginning to end. u could have PM'd me to ask about it if u werent sure. sending a PM is not that hard.

The Child of Fire

this game for the most part is alright. it is a little difficult, but i had a fun time going thru most of the game with a decent strategy. Story and chars are pretty good as well. I thought that this game would be pretty good as i was playing.

That is until the final stretch in the final area. At that point regular enemies take years to kill (each enemy having around 20k hp, and are usually in groups of 4-6) so i just tried to run thru them as fast as possible. My escape chances are about 50/50 so sometimes i fail to escape for about 4 turns and by then the enemies just wipe my party. But since i have mostly no trouble against bosses even at that point i didnt see any reason to waste time on the random encounters.

However I seem to be missing something. In the final boss fight all he had an instant death move that hits all party members. It was pretty instant to say the least. Im not sure how we are supposed to defeat this guy if he can take my whole party out in 1 go. An explanation would be helpful, but either way i dont really feel like finishing this game. It wouldnt be the first time i quit a game at the final boss.

Weak Rat

hey, thanks for the fanart! i took a look at ur game and stylistically it looks pretty unique, havent seen many other rpg games similar to it. i have a huge back log right now but ill take a gander at the demo soon!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

wow, I got a cute image for my ultimate RPG. I imagine you'd have to have played it to come up with the picture, so thanks for playing too! Would it be ok to use it as the new title image for the game as well?

Merry christmas! hope yall got some good stuff

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

been joining the last couple years, why not this one.
ill take anything except reviews

Bloodstained Hands

i finally finished this game. as someone who doesnt like grinding i feel like the slog between defeating the second to last boss and getting to level 40 is way too much. Since max level skills are unavailable till level 40 it forces ppl to have to be level 40 to be sufficiently powerful for the final area. Even after doing the end game sidequests i wasnt even close to 40 on anyone and had to just grind for some hours in the desert. ideally id liked it if you were strong enough and ready to go after finishing all the sidequests but it just doesnt add up, you have to be level 40. Feels very forced

Commonplace Book

So far i have finished 3 maps, this is one of them. im sure yall are hyped for the end product. (If i actually manage to finish it)

Commonplace Book

ironically i tried making a lovecraft inspired kind of game for the theme roulette event we just had, but failed. Hope i get lucky here

Bloodstained Hands

oh no, the same crash happens if i use mia's crit boost buff limit break

Bloodstained Hands

ok i think it was just that random sparkle that confused me. however i ran into another issue, a libpng warning that says 'ignoring bad adaptive filter type, CNxFile Object: MemoryFile, then a IDAT: CRC error, then 'Script 'Cache' line 80: RGSS Error occured. failed to create bitmap, and the game crashes. This happened when i fight the grudge in the mines, seems like one of its attacks specifically causes it