Veteran student who has the knowl that is needed to answer questions and stuff like that.

Feel free to recommend me some game if you want. However I only prefer RMVX and above (e.g. VXA and MV) and a non-default battle system.

I'm making a game too, but since I am not an artist, musician, programmer, or writer, it's going extremely slowly. You can find it over there->

I also joined in a handful of RMN's events, here's some of the games I got:


See my other playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

See my third playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN


Adventure Story
Capella's Promise
Cursed School
Eternal Senia (from steam)
Just Cross
Metal Gear Mountain Dew (stealth)
Origin of Destiny (from steam)
Pilgrim Ep 1
Pilgrim Ep 2
Princess's Resolve (CT battle system WOW)
Puzzle Party
Shiro no Noroi (from tosiaki7)
Underworld Capital Incident (from tosiaki7)

Amayado Bus Stop (from tosiaki7)
Arcane Raise (steam, preview)
Ao Oni (classic)
Boy Ichiro's Modesty
CaNDLE (from tosiaki7)
Caster's Trap
Class Oni
Cloe's Requiem (from tosiaki7)
Coffin of Ashes (from steam)
Corpse Party -Cross Fear-
Corpse Party -Rebuilt-
Creepypasta Land (best rpg horror game of all time)
Creepypasta Land 2: SCP Force (demo only)
Crystal Fate
Dave Adventure (from 2017 IGMC)
Desolate Village
Everton's Deck
Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout (from tosiaki7)
Five Nights at F***boys (maybe I should finish this)
fnaf lost in tropics VERSION 2
Forest of Drizzling Rain (from tosiaki7)
Forgotten Island
Go to Sleep
Guernetta Oni Hunter
Hand in Hand
Happy Slappy
Headless Prisoner
Hello Charlotte EP1
Hello Charlotte EP2 (very different from first one)
Hello Charlotte: Delirium
Hello Charlotte EP3
Hidden in the Shadows
Home Oni
Infectious Nightmare (from tosiaki7)
Ino (steam)
Jeff the Killer RPG
Kylee Oni
Last Prom
Life or Death (from steam workshop)
Light in the Dark
Lost Woods
Makoto Mobius
Mansion Oni
Mario in Animatronic Horror (LOL)
Mario Music Box (played then got stuck)
Maybe not so Ao Oni
My Dear Brother Jeff
Night Walk
Nira Oni
Obama: Reloaded
Oni Asobi
Oni of the Opera Demo
Paranormal Syndrome (from tosiaki7)
Paranormal Syndrome 2 (from tosiaki7)
Piss Oni
Puzzle Room
Red Book
Red World (from tosiaki7)
Rendered Fate
RPG: A Generic Adventure MCCCXXVII
School of the Dead
Shy Oni
Siro Oni (korean)

Terrible Witch
The Beast Named Eliza
The Bite of the Darkness
The Deed (steam)
The Gatherer
The Princess
The Stairway
The Unseen
Thin Walls
To the Moon (from steam, best story ever)
Toilet in Wonderland
Trials Impending
Truth & Trolls
Twilight Oni
Wizard of White Box (from tosiaki7)
Yao Oni
Yume Nikki (classic, now on steam)

Check my youtoob if you want to watch some rpg maker

Personal notes:
- DO NOT use nested loops in RPGMaker
- DO NOT use centered origin show picture, it cannot be removed unless it goes back to topleft corner origin
Zack's Ultimate RPG Lite
This is my ultimate first game. It looks just like any noob's first RTP game. No RTP needed. About 1-2 hrs..



A Rant

This thread will probably get locked pretty fast. Anyway i think u shouldnt take review scores this seriously, so much as to have poured out your entire personal belief system like this. For example I would give ur game a 1 star because the game froze when i played it. Would that be fair? Not really. But you don't have to take it seriously because you fixed that problem already. Same thing goes for any review/criticism/whatever, just read the feedback, fix what u think needs fixing and move on.

Crypt Challenge DX Review

I also got a request to review this. However, seeing this review and that the balance problem I had with this game is still there, I'm guessing by this point that it's a conscious design choice.

EDIT: OK, you do intend to fix it, nice.

Phantom Block Review

I played both the old version and the new version, and both of them play very well. The two versions actually have very different levels if I remember right. Unfortunately when I played this I couldnt get past the final level and got kinda annoyed having gotten all the way there. Seeing this review I kinda want to download it and try to finish it again. Maybe.

Did you finish the game, libby? Maybe you can give me some pointers for that final level?

Road To Paradise - The Staircase

I might be mistaken but dont u only get like 3 noobtoobs? I knew that I will be fighting the dragon party so there's NO way I will be using that on random encounters. Also yeah I admit Im not the best RPG player but I kinda have a thing against games where the beginning is too difficult or random.

Road To Paradise - The Staircase

I get the feeling that the other game was made before this one. The first random encounter spammed mass confusion (consistent with the other game) and my party just got wiped. Sorry, dont really feel like playing again. I get the consistency but this means that the hardest enemies are going to show up first on this side and make it difficult to get out of the starting area.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

cant join this year, sry. I will be out of town for an unknown amount of time

EDIT: I actually can join, out of town dates precede the 9th

The Winter Knight

Casual RPG, very relaxing. As mentioned, it's a simple RPG for a nice & easy play.

Road To Paradise - The Dragon

i used sky dragon which had a pretty useful but costly lightning stun attack. Unfortunately he wasn't as fast as I thought from the description so I kinda regretted the decision.

haste is definitely useful, as any turn increasing move is. It's what helped me get pass the first boss fight when i can take down the healer in two turns IF the RNG doesnt screw me over (e.g. paralysis, blind, missing), but yea, the influence of random numbers is pretty high.

Road To Paradise - The Dragon

Short RPG, one dungeon. The most annoying part of the game is the fight with the frontier works chars, one of them can do a paralysis move (which I dunno how to cure, meaning whoever's paralyzed is basically dead), and another one can throw out a rocket launcher that does 700 damage, which basically oneshots anyone without heavy armor or a ton of levels. Another one spams smoke granades that cause blind which I also cant seem to cure. It took me way too many tries for the RNG to go well for me (in which they dont use paralysis, rocket launcher, or smoke grenade). I also found the attack down debuff to be totally useless. Alot of random enemies have high evasion so fights take longer than they should depending on luck. The final boss seems to have hidden passive tiger stance and ridiculous buffs so I couldnt touch him, and the only way to do it was the entropy DoT skill which I have to cast more than once for it to stick. Basically, there's way more luck required to get thru this game than I'm comfortable with.

The What-Iffers in: Final Fancy

Tag team puzzle game with 4 characters. Some of the puzzles are pretty challenging. There was one level where your under a strict time limit and i kept failing due to sticky keys. It would probably be a better idea to make the special key be something other than shift. The game also froze randomly with an error, something involving 'x'. Other than that there were no big problems. I know how it is when your treading right on the deadline at 2AM so this is a pretty good effort.