Veteran student who has the knowl that is needed to answer questions and stuff like that.

I'm making a game too, but since I am not an artist, musician, programmer, or writer, it's going extremely slowly. You can find it over there->

I also joined in a handful of RMN's events, here's some of the games I got:

Click here for crappy rpgmaker horror memes that i made during rmn events that were too short to make anything for


See my other playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

See my third playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

Check my youtoob if you want to watch some rpg maker

Personal notes:
- DO NOT use nested loops in RPGMaker
- DO NOT use centered origin show picture, it cannot be removed unless it goes back to topleft corner origin
- F9 for debug menu
- My biggest trip up is mapping. I really have no idea whatsoever when it comes to making maps. Which means I need to get a good map idea before I can make something even remotely playable.
Zack's Ultimate RPG Lite
This is my ultimate first game. It looks just like any noob's first RTP game. No RTP needed. About 1-2 hrs..



RPG Maker games obscurity iceberg

i played konosuba im surprised nobody knows about it

Zendir: A New World

got to the final boss in about 2 hours, but everyones around level 7 and the final bosses can consistently take out my party in 3 turns with AOE spam. Well, thats it.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

yeah ozzy im glad u had fun with the present, i had fun makin it!

speaking of fun i got a bunch of it from my gift too! thanks delsin! As soon as i jumped in i had a feeling i've seen this gam mak style somewhere, and its because alot of your RMN event games have that style too. The game is a pretty simple dungeon crawler and i just shoved a couple of stat boosters down fred's throat and then mashed Z to a happy ending. Couldnt beat the super boss but i saved the FUN and thats what matters

Games Similar to "Labyronia" Series

seems like you prefer standard rpgs with longer hours. Since have combed this entire site i got some for you:

Project Fire (steam has this)
Legionwood (steam has this and its paid sequels)
Wines & Roses (similar to Visions and Voices)
Tod (i did not play the post-game but i've been told it's much longer than the main game)
Dream Drift (plot will be massively confusing but its a finished game and can go several hours)
The Lore of Lorewyn
Lost Land: Ruin
Tribal: The Awakening
The Book of Monsters
White Pearl (this is on steam)
Legends of Illarion 2
Geiken (this is a very long ARPG)
The Contract: Truth (english grammar is lacking, but i like games like this)
Epic Odyssey (kenlan recommended this and i do too, but be careful, enemies level up with you in this game)
Mokensen: The Swordsman (not a long one)
Demon Hunter
Linus: The Forgotten Days (shorter and story heavy)

disclaimer: I dont remember all these games exactly so some of them may not be completely on spot as 'dystopic'


not easy enough apparently... my records say i dropped it

Zack's Cute Game Review

Thanks for playing another one of my random event games, lobo! This review is hilarious to read lolz

The chicken skip is a glitch i was using to test something, it's not meant to be an actual part of the game and has already been patched out. Though honestly i wasnt really thinking of the nun as being part of any religious organization since the entire game was set up as a big meme and that was part of it

Let's Play: Zack's Cute Game

my bad. you downloaded a bugged version that has since been fixed. the chicken did that because it was a developer skip used to test something.

Letting players cheat

i personally wouldnt like it but i'd pick B AND let them access the super bosses or whatever, I'm starting to find out that ALOT of ppl dont actually play games for a challenge, they just want to be overpowered and thats what they think is fun. But the idea is to make the superbosses specifically unbeatable with just raw stats and require the player to actually have to strategize

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

i'll join again i guess

i was gonna type out this big bullet list of stuff i'd like but im pretty sure its a bad idea. so i'm not gonna ask for anything specific. One thing though is that I dont want reviews of any of my games (i know they all suck so if u want to comment on any just leave a regular comment)

Dry Fate

is this ara fell or something? Im so lucky that 2 gargoyles paralyzed both my party members simultaneously and gave me no turns to work with. The beginning is also a bit tough, every enemy has DOT's and i died like 3 times because i keep missing. Anyway this is a decent game but my bad luck messes me up as usual.