Veteran student who has the knowl that is needed to answer questions and stuff like that.

I'm making a game too, but since I am not an artist, musician, programmer, or writer, it's going extremely slowly. You can find it over there->

I also joined in a handful of RMN's events, here's some of the games I got:

Click here for crappy rpgmaker horror memes that i made during rmn events that were too short to make anything for


See my other playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

See my third playlist. AFTER CLICKING, SCROLL DOWN

Personal notes:
- DO NOT use nested loops in RPGMaker
- DO NOT use centered origin show picture, it cannot be removed unless it goes back to topleft corner origin
- F9 for debug menu
- My biggest trip up is mapping. I really have no idea whatsoever when it comes to making maps. Which means I need to get a good map idea before I can make something even remotely playable.
Zack's Ultimate RPG Lite
This is my ultimate first game. It looks just like any noob's first RTP game. No RTP needed. About 1-2 hrs..


reviews dont matter

Why not? Here's the reason:

This guy is heavily prejudiced. Obviously there is no way you can change his mind, there's no room for discussion here. You all probably know this mindset is pretty widespread, theres dedicated youtube channels that specifically propagate this sort of thinking. But we are all here because we like this software. How would you feel if you got a review like this for your gam? Not much to say, lol.

[Poll] Major development crossroads

I'm sure many people have had to make this kind of decision before. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

extract failed

got a couple rpgmaker vx/ace games that did this halfway during extraction when i tried to open them. Any fix?

they always fail at the same spot so I think the file itself had problem

Your gam in a nut shell

[RMVX ACE] need to know variable names

Hi, I need to know some variable names to use in conditional checks. For example $game_player.x is the player's X position on the map. Is there a variable for "last item used" or "last spell cast"? It looked like there was one in the script, but i dunno what the exact variable name is that can be used in the conditional branch.

is it posssible to 'fix' someone else's game?

I played this game and I thought it was pretty good, character/story wise. However I hit a showstopper bug where the screen didnt fade back out after a cutscene, and it was impossible to continue. Anyone with RMVX willing to fix this? I highly doubt the developer will since they appear to be here during 2009.

play list

how do you use that functionality? I have seen other users with non-empty playlists but I'm not sure how to use this.

[RMVX ACE] show text preceding a choice

Hey all, first of (likely to be) many help requests. Much help appreciated!

I have a 'show text' that is immediately followed by a 'show choices' but if I put anything in between (like a label) then when i get to this part in-game the text no longer appears together with the choice. Same thing occurs if the 'show text' is in a condition block preceding the 'show choices'.

Is there any way to make the text and choice appear together? I have some areas where different text appears before a choice based on some condition and I would still like the text and the choice to appear together.

(by 'appear together' i mean that they appear at the same time. Anytime the 'show text' is NOT immediately followed by 'show choices', the text will disappear when the choice shows up.)

helloo all

helloo all, I'm got alot of rpgmaker games from this site and I think it is a big and comprensive site. Which is cool, especially with that server failure a while back, so I am impressed.

Also I got some questions and was hoping you all can help. SO I started making this game on the VX Ace lite and just finished the first section after a ridiculously long time. I also noticed on this site there there are mountain piles of unfinished games and 'demo only' games that obviously will never be finished. For this reason I am hesitant about making a demo right now but I also think that I need some feedback as well. Any suggestions?

I also noticed a disturbing trend where alot of resources have expired (most notably kaduki's) and this is making me a bit worried. For example I was looking for a face graphic for the flower thingy from monster2 character graphics but the only link I found was expired.

I'd also like to tell you all something I found hilarious. Theres this free rpgmaker game on steam that has mostly positive reviews from the looks of it, but it's mostly made off the sample maps and is unfinished and weird. So I thought I could probably make a better game than that. Which is why I decided to make an rpgmaker game. I also like to mention another game that inspired me, it's called creepypasta land. It is the funniest game I ever seen, ever. And I really want to make a gam like that, for reals.

I see this site looks pretty active and stuff so I am also looking to participate in stuff, maybe. If some cool event pops up, that is. I also noticed theres alot of smbx collabs and stuff on this site, for some reason. I played smbx but not any fangames yet. Though smbx's physics is a bit more wonky compared to smw's, honestly. Just my opinion.

If you actually read all that, thanks. Most ppl online always want some tldr and dont read anything which is too bad. So the bottom line is, helloo everyone.
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