Oracle of Tao Review

Glad to see lessons are being learned and bugs are being fixed.

Epic Elf (2013) Review

No, I'm not. I warned you!

That's like sueing McD's for getting burnt by coffee.
Or slim fast for making me to skinny.

Epic Elf (2013) Review

First off Gib, gratz on finally completing this. Now get on our level and start playing Epic Elf 2. Its even better. But very nicely written.

Vagabond Review

Clareain this is indeed a good game. Also please draw the avatar pic and throw it up. You need to do something until you get your gear for LPs any ways. :)

Veil of Darkness Review

Yeah good game just so short. However maybe they will expand it a bit?

Befuddle Quest 6: The Next Generation Review

With my entry, the case shouldn't have mattered. You could have entered the keyword in all caps, mixed caps, or all lower-case!

Also, my entry is such a blatant rip-off, but I'm probably the only person who recognizes it as such.
Off of a game where people go to school and try to save the world? In some cave they come across puzzles? Hmmm, what genious made that awesome game?

Befuddle Quest 6: The Next Generation Review

I love how you threw your personal torment of the whole turn 31:4 moves scenario in there. :)

Grissan Review

I give the healing items a 5/5!

Synthetic Odyssey Review

Lol to your developer link Marrend.

The Seven Towers Review

I nominate sana to help with the game, skara to help with the dialogue. Guys we need more material for spirits second game. I see big things for this games future.
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