Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to any moms out there, if any. :)

King of America

So I often play rps because I like the idea of knights serving their king. Following codes and living honorably. I guess my question is, how different would America be if ruled by a king, whos word is law, instead of everyone having a voice. I'm sure our freedom would be different. Is as much freedom as we have always a good thing? Look at our society, does it not seem to get worse and worse? If we had a just king instead of congress and what not, would society be better? Would crime be down? How would you feel living for a King, as most of the characters we often play as do? In this day and age would a King even work? Totaly crazy thought, I know, but something I've often thought about because of my love of rpgs. So I wanted to know fellow rpg fans thoughts. Feel free to post your thoughts and flames freely. As I'm tough sitting behind my keyboard and you wont see me cry.

Lets write a story

Everyone post one word at a time and see where the story takes us.

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