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Three Cheers for the Str...
A short story about eroding friendships and the discovery of self-worth
a horror adventure game IN SPACE
A young girl and her friends make wishes
A man faces a nightmarish reality
Alice's Deserta
A short puzzle game about a little girl lost in her mind.
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
One Of You
Three individuals suffering from amnesia find themselves trapped inside a cabin.
Ghost School
After being suddenly thrown into an abolished school, six high school students must find a way to escape!
The Village Demon
A long story-oriented game dealing with an omnipotent being and the repercussions.
A determined mother, a town from her past and a dark secret.
A visual-novel about being a good girl dreaming in a locked up room.
The Ledge
Ten-minute thriller. Stop a suicidal man from jumping.
A Visual Novel horror game in which your choices impact the story.
Escape from Ritova's Man...
Four girls step into a mansion to get shelter from incoming danger, unaware of where the real danger is.
Desperate Love Feast
Can you find all the missing pieces and escape from the eerie, dark, sickening sort of love?
Thin Walls
A mysterious voice leads a young girl through a warped version of her memories
Turtle Head
A horror RPG game about a group of friends that sneak into their school at night.
Red Book: Discordia Tale...
Red Book: Discordia tales is total remake game of a puzzle horror-adventure game made by NewbieMaker, Red Book.
I'm Scared of Girls
Surreal Action Game
What would you do for your kin?
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
The God of Crawling Eyes
Survival horror/adventure game for the 2013 Halloween Contest
Red Balloon of Happiness
Red balloons bring happiness to any home. Any? Are you sure?
Castle Red
A Survival Horror Experience
Scarlet must escape from a damaged hospital while avoiding a murderous stepfather
A ceremony held on the night before the funeral where all family members watch over the body of the deceased and pray..
Valentine is a rpg maker horror, drawing influence from The Witches House and Ao Oni
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror is a story based horror game with few and easy puzzles
It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Guide Me
A short, RPG Maker VX Ace horror game
Body Elements
Horror game
A Psychological Horror Game
Red Trees
A young girl is on a quest to discover what's lurking in the woods!
Dear Mariko
Why the haunted look in your eyes, Darien?
Hakuda's wife visiting
Never, ever make the mountain god angry.
Follow the Darkness
"The Fox is waiting."
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
Sukutte - Save Me...
Japanese Horror Game
Seven Mysteries
Keep the secret...
Matryona's Last Night
"Pretty, adorable Matryona. But nobody needs her anymore..."
Happy Birthday
When a party for a wealthy family’s 10 year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead and her sister missing, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. Short murder mystery adventure.
Japanese Horror Game
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
After entering her familiar art college for a quick evening errand, senior student, Nicole, and her spunky sister soon realize it is not so familiar once the sun goes down
"She won't stop screaming in the dark of night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it never helps."
A dark tale of horror and insanity
OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008.
The Longing Ribbon
Horror RPG, winner of the 2005 Misao for Best Atmosphere.
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
Clock of Atonement
Manipulate time to save a girl