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Hub-Based Missions: Sci-Fi/Magic RPG Class'em'up with a twist! With no recovery points during missions, can you conserve your supplies enough to complete your objective?
Scima Invasion Crew
Can you conserve your mp and ammo long enough to stop the General?
Droid Age!
Item Collection game made for the Non-RPG Maker Event
Moon Tree
Something is wrong on Station 34. Originally created for IGMC 2015.
Guardian Saga
Guardian Saga is a comedy/fantasy RPG that pokes fun of many JRPG standards of its time.
Terra Nova: Eyes of the ...
The cyborg Tau aids the rebel scientific group Terra Nova while trying to discover the fate of his predecessor machines.
Drilling in a distant planet can become a hard drill...
Feral Dreams
12+ hour RPG with fully animated battlers!
A graphic novel RPG based in conflict and fights!
Ancient Death
Jason woke up in a dark cell not knowing how he got there and what had happened...
Our Desolate Planet
The Colony of Laarroz is about to be destroyed by unknown aggressor
Zoids | Whisper
A healer tries to piece paradise back together after tragedy strikes...or at least keep the shards from slipping through her fingers.
Sore Losers
A traditional RPG that takes place in a dark, gritty and deeply immersive dystopian setting.
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.
McBacon Jam 4 submission
For the 2016 Halloween Event
On the Edge of Candy Spa...
A sci-fi adventure. Created for's Candy Jam.
The Third World
Where do dreams go when they die?
Top-Down Horror shooter set on a seemingly abandoned space station.