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Collect body parts to please your Lovecraftian horror-parent.



From Next Door

This was legit supposed to be a simple puzzle, but because this game wasn't supposed to be a puzzle game I guess I think I didn't spend enough time on it >.< Thank you for the feedback, though!

No problem! I just beat the game and I really enjoyed it, so good job! It was short but you did really well building up the tension with that creepy window. It felt like I was actually in an Ito manga. c:

For the puzzle:

I was thinking maybe ''highlighting'' (actually do a highlight marker, or underline, or bold, or circle) the first two "point" words might be a hint to count the others. Or, use the highlighting in the hint, partially give away the code, or change some wording?

"point" = 2, "spiral" = ?, "axis" = ?, "helix" = ?

Or something like that

From Next Door

I'm so sorry to bug you again with this but I am doing what you've suggested and nothing.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that I'm dyslectic so solving this puzzle is rather hard for me.

If you pardon, could I have the answer? I know it is kind of a cheap shoot to have the answer to a puzzle but I really tried what you said and the solution does not match up.
It's alright c: The answer is


I'm actually wondering if this puzzle is a bit too hard though, you're not the only person with problems with this :/

I have some thoughts on it:

The clue given in the game is just "point, spiral, helix, axis", and then you get the puzzle page/s:

The problem with the puzzle is that the page is about mathematics and includes numbers in the text itself in both numeric and in written form, plus the theta symbol which could be also counted as a number. The numbers in the text are definitely misleading, which is good puzzle design at first, but the hint gives no indication that you're supposed to count how many times the words show up. If the page wasn't about mathematics and didn't include all these false leads, or if the hint did better at suggesting you need to count the times the words show up, the puzzle wouldn't be so hard.

I also included an image of my thought process last night when I was trying to figure out the puzzle, just to show how the presented information might lead someone to the wrong answers over and over:

In red:

I first noticed the "important numbers" mentioned in the text, those numbers quoted exactly as "1., 2., three, two, 3-d, theta"

My first guess (1, 2, 2, 2) was me thinking the text just before the important words was the code. So "1." meant "point", "2." meant "helix", "two" meant "spiral", and "2." might also mean "axis".

When that didn't work, I kept thinking "point" was still supposed to be "1.", so then I guessed spiral might also be "two" "3-d" "theta=0", helix might also be "2." "three" "theta=0", and axis might also be "2." "three"

In yellow:

After giving up on the numbers, I then decided it might just be the order in which the words first appear, so point = 1, axis = 2, helix = 3, and spiral = 4

In green:

My last, desperate, worst guess was maybe the amount of letters in each word, so point = 5, spiral = 6, helix = 5, and axis = 4.

The idea that I just had to count the times each word appeared never crossed my mind. Especially because the text goes on to talk about spirals, giving the word spiral too many mentions, so I thought it was just filler text. I guess that was supposed to be indication that the amount of times each word appeared was the real answer, but I was so tied up in the actual numbers given, and the hint I kept checking just said "point spiral helix axis", and the first page mentions all of those words and the second doesn't, that I just never thought of that possibility. Then I just gave up and asked for the answer last night lol.


Sweet! I hope that when you do play it, it doesn't disappoint!
Just from your avatar, bleet, I can tell we're on the same wavelength.

...Man, I keep forgetting there's like a huge swath of people who never really go to the forums. So many people I haven't met. Your other games are also on my playlist from other random times.

Hahaha dude that's awesome! Yeah, I suppose I should go on the forums more, it does look really inviting. I think I've only posted like, three times or something haha.

I have a lot of games I want to do still, so I'm really glad they've caught your interest so far. I got my foothold with Jasei and Huntress, but FC is like, my tipping point. I even hope to make a game with the character in my avatar, but we'll see if I can even manage finishing this one first. :b


This looks fantastic! Love the artwork. Going to check this out real soon.

Also, glad to see more Lovecraftian horror! I'm a big fan of of that style of horror/fantasy.
Bleet's art is just TOO MUCH. <3 <3

Thank you very much! Please check it out when you can. c:

You know, this is the first game I've added to my playlist that DIDN'T have "other users who added this game also added..." so, I'm assuming I am the first!

Sweet! I hope that when you do play it, it doesn't disappoint!


oh DUDE, this game looks stunning!! lovecraftian horror themes are so criminally underused in rpg maker games, i'm so glad someone's doing it now!

Thank you! I recently really delved into Lovecraft (just bought a giant collection book today actually) and I just love his work to death! I plan on doing much more with that theme aside from this game too. c:

It does look really cool~
Great art!
This game is scary and creepy and looks really awesome! :D

Thank you very much! The art is actually a bit old but I'm glad it holds up, you're very kind!

I'm loving that style of yours! Also for some reason I want to bite them...

They would be very chewy. And meaty. :v

The Huntress of the Hollow

Damn, I just finished playing this, then went back to get every single ending. This was amazing!! From the art to the story, it's one of the few games I've played lately that I've actually found myself feeling really happy while playing (Well, as happy as you can be beating wolves to death with an axe I guess??). Thanks so much for making this, creators like you are the reason I love independent games as much as I do!

And thank YOU for playing the game! I really hope to make a name for myself with my games, so it makes me so happy it left such a good impression with you! I have so many areas I need to work on, but hearing such wonderful comments helps me from being too harsh on myself haha. I hope you'll get a chance to check out my other games, and I hope what I make continues to elicit such a great response. c:

From Next Door

Original art is my favorite thing and so is Junji Ito's works and so is Silent Hill so I'm definitely subscribing!

The Huntress of the Hollow

This is really cute! I'll have to try it soon.

EDIT: So far I'm really enjoying it! The graphics are super adorable and I love the use of color. I don't have a lot of time to play but hopefully soon I can finish it.

Even if you can't finish it, thank you so much for checking out my game! I'm glad you like it so far. :)

The Huntress of the Hollow

This was a really satisfying and pleasant little experience uwu
great work!
Thank you! I know it wasn't mind-blowing but I'm glad it was enjoyable. :)

RPG Paper Maker

This looks awesome! Think of the possibilities! Subscribed and eager for more. :)
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