I make games as a hobby and I figured if I posted them here I would get an incentive to actually finish the damn things.

While I will be active on here during the times I upload and work on my games, I can guarantee I will be much more accessible at my tumblr devblog, listed below! I check my tumblr app daily, while I can only really go on this site after work. If you really need to contact me quickly I highly recommend sending me a message on my tumblr blog.

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Collect body parts to please your Lovecraftian horror-parent.



Raxby plays The Huntress of the Hollow

Thank you very much for the let's play! I'm very glad you chose my game for your halloween special. :3c

Spoilers Fanart

THIS is awesome dude thank you so much! I love all the endings and ending A was my most favorite to create so this is absolutely perfect thank you again! c:

Let's Play: Jasei no In: The Serpent's Lust Part 1 - A Rainy Day In Ancient Japan

Thank you for making a Let's Play! I am afraid some bugs might pop up during your playthrough, though I have this patch you can apply if you downloaded v.1.1. at least. :]
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