a confusing piece of a larger narrative

Linus: The Forgotten Day...
A coming-of-age tale set in a gritty, medieval world.



Linus: The Forgotten Days

I sincerely hope you're still working on this. I finally managed to find time to play through the demo, and it's gorgeous. If you're ever looking for collaborators to help you with some of the minutia, whether it's scripting, graphics, editing or testing etc, by all means let me know. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to take on a project by yourself, it's your baby, your masterpiece, but goddamn I so badly want to see the finished product.

Wow thanks! Still working on this, just very very slowly due to IRL stuff. And wow, that's such a kind offer! I'm not sure if I need any help at the moment but I might take you up on that at some point. You're a super talented dev! :)


Love the vibes in this shot!

Preview video for upcoming release

That's super flattering, and sure go ahead!

Preview video for upcoming release

^Wow, that means a lot! Thanks!

The water is reaally time consuming to make. Basically a lot of layers and parallaxing. One fun thing I do is use one of the default VX Ace sky parallax backgrounds and layer it behind the water, so that it looks like the water is reflecting the clouds. I think it makes it look better!

Also I've seen your game and it looks amazing. Gonna give it a try soon for sure. :)


Aw thanks Moonless! The artist, DahliaWilder, works super hard on these and she's been doing an amazing job drawing these portraits. Really glad you like them!


Thanks, Moonless!


Thanks! The tattoo was the 100% the idea of the game's artist, @DahliaWilder, so all credit goes to her. :p

Our Dark Heart

This looks dope. I love the artstyle and vibe!

Demo release delay

All the best with this project and good luck! Looking forward to it!

Thank you!

Placebo Love

This looks amazing!