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What is the worst dream you've ever had? (Terrifying dream story within)

This is a discussion topic, but I'll use this opening post to tell you all about the dream I had last night. I am still somewhat shaken by it and perhaps detailing it here will make me feel a bit better.

It was easily my most vivid, painful, fucked-up dream ever. I have no idea what could have possibly caused me to dream these specific events, but I remember them as clear as day and I can still feel some of the physical aspects of it. So yes. Here it is.

It started off pretty awesome. I was a prison guard at some kind of youth correctional facility. All of the inmates were teenagers. I remember being friendly with the prisoners, and some of them even liked me. Famke Jaanson (yes... the actress) was the prison psychologist. I remember her brushing up against me quite suggestively at one point. I don't even have a hugely strong opinion of her in real life so her showing up in my dream was strange and very unexpected.

Anyway, later on in the dream Barrack Obama shows up. Everyone is very happy and starts clapping, including myself. So he's giving this speech, and while he's giving it I sort of smile and nudge one of the prisoners in a kind of "Man. Isn't this awesome that the American president is speaking in our prison?" kind of way.

That's when the dream spirals into a terrible, terrible nightmare. Barrack Obama notices my little moment with the prisoner, and he looks up at me with this calm yet stern look. He then calls me on to the little makeshift stage and proceeds to do the following.

He jabs his hand into my mouth and somehow clasps his bony fingers around my entire upper row of teeth. He then just pulls the fuck out of my upper jaw with all his strength. It hurt so bad. The pain was so realistic. Somehow all my teeth remained intact, but I still start crying. He then says something like, "Are you going to pay attention? while continuing his attempts at pulling the upper row of teeth out of my mouth. I nod and whimper like a child "Yes yes yes yes please stop!" I distinctly remember me thinking "Oh god thank god he's going to stop." But then he doesn't. He just continues to try and obliterate my teeth as if his life depended on it

I woke up immediately after that. My jaw hurts like a bitch and I am sweating and I can remember every little detail. Needless to say I now have a deep-rooted fear of Barrack Obama and will probably cower at the sound of this thunderous voice from this day forward.

Anyway, that's it. Has anyone had any similar experiences with disturbing dreams?

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