Class: Sword Kid
Equipment: Loose tie, amulet of life saving
Habits: Eating, sleeping, being laconic
Notes: Will make chipset for fish
SaGa 4: Masters of the D...
A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs


Main Page News Scrolling

I feel like this can't just be me, but the time it takes for the main page to scroll over to the next news item feels too short. You guys do a great job of keeping those blurbs short and to the point, but even so, I get halfway through before they scroll off to the next one. Increasing that delay by even 500ms would be wonderful.

I mean, I know I can go and mouseover the article if I want it to go back, but I feel like enough time to read a line or two isn't too much to ask.

Walk, don't run...

So I was trolling around some discussions about games, and one or two of them decided to toss in a one-time Hero Speed Down at the beginning. This made it so the character doesn't sprint around the screen like a kid on a sugar high, but it could make exploring maps really obnoxious.

Thoughts on making people slow down a bit?

Who Doesn't Love Ballads?

Or am I just crazy? Iambic tetrameter is ever so much fun.

Of apple pie I come to speak
An apple pie of great
Prestige and note for which I lust
Although in vain I wait

In shires of old this pie was baked
With fruit of early fall
The spice with which this pie was made
Could not be found by all

Great men of knowledge did they call
To find their longed for spice
This spice did spring from Shanghai far
Where those from home weren't treated nice

The flour they used was enamoréd
By all the peasants there
And by the lords from Whitehall grand
The pastries thereof ensnared

The great and wise did long debate
On how the food was made
The chefs from those small shires had
With care and passion made

With kilns of iron and magic they baked
With charms and care they cooked
Until gold-brown the pies were done
Fine indeed the new pies looked

Then one day calamity struck
Without a trace they went
In midst of flood time did they go
And thus their art was rent

And so today their mem'ry fades
And so I try to save
The greatest pie there ever was
I sing this till my grave

It's a ballad. About apple pie. O_o

I have an account here?

I go to make an account here, and my favorite user name is taken. So then I try to hack this charlatan with my favorite password, and guess what? It logged in. So I guess I have an account here.
Or, if this is your user name, get a new password.

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