Durance of Magic

The download link seems to currently be down. I can't tell if that is intentional or not since 10/17/2019 was the last bug fix blog update.

Glacia 2019-2020 Edition

I'm glad to hear you are bringing this back, I always like looking at the mapping. I know the gameplay needed more balance in that very old demo, but I know you can sort that out and maybe have done so already.

Good luck with this!

Soma Union

Subbed, and checked all the screenshot.

Soma Union is looking great! : )

Release the Dead

Afaik, there's absolutely no problem with working with that first idea! Heck, IIRC, you can even use old ideas that you had in mind but never put in any "tangible" form. There's no need for any "proof" of it existing before.

Alright I read this right, thanks!

Release the Dead

A question, I think I understood right, I had ideas from my first RPG Maker VX project that I made in 2006 I think it was, or else 2007. If I try and make something in RPG Maker MV with those ideas can that count? I never uploaded anything to do with it on the net as at the time it was a practice game for me.

I'd like to enter and try to work with that idea if I can, otherwise I have very old footage of a youtube video with my third or fourth ever VX game.

I know the video says 2014, but it was a backuped video so it's actually way older than that. You can tell by the video it's also spooky-themed.

If I can't do the first idea I'm happy to do the second, but would prefer my first idea?


Is this a mini-class change system? Looks neat!

Coldsteel and the Chaos Shards

For a joke game it made me laugh! I agree it doesn't suck, I liked the mechanic idea/decision to give Coldsteel main attack and additional skill reduce the enemy he attack's speed.

Chao was interesting but not properly implemented. You have some good ideas when it comes to mechanic design.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do next!

NEW Art Corner #1-4

Very beautiful artwork! : ) So much good colour and personality with there clothes, hair and style!

Cast Animations

I do like how the black mage first flashes and then sends out the spell, and I really like how thunder colour choice is green.

It does look good already.

Yep, good luck with what you decide!

Reason for lack of updates. Announcement #1

Good to hear from you.

Take care, and all the best with your projects! ^_^

Same to you with The Third World (I checked I remembered the title right, but I did.), which is looking good, and any other project you are tackling! : )