World of Ruin

Well, my review for this game has been submitted, my experience differed quite a bit with one of the other reviews. It should appear once it gets approved.

Edit: Wow, that appeared quick! :)

World of Ruin Review

I could've done so much better of a job with this world map and added more stuff, but this is an old project.

I admit I was thinking of VX Ace/MV only here, but sure. I always would assume a person using the same tileset, which would be limited in those two engines, would only do so much with it. As I think it's more rare that a people would edit the tileset to their liking first rather than stick with what they have.

Still, I guess they can mash together tiles by default, or edit a single tileset to contain a few indoor and outdoor tiles and objects on top of the world map. Since VX accomplished that, I guess then to a good extent this is very possible.

The bats at level 1 are damage sponges and the orc is a dual-attacking, heavy-hitting mess. Nothing of this shows effort.

I don't understand your problem with an orc that deals massive damage though? To me that just means against that enemy, I should focus on offensive, def buffs, healings, or else if otherwise possible take him down as quick as possible? So it does have some strategy to it the way I see it.

All other enemies that I paid attention to have 1 custom skill as well as a physical attack or magic attack, and the bosses differ from one another a lot with there custom skill/skills.

There not all like this, in some fights using magic reflect on certain turns has advantages for example. Healing though is usually required a lot. You do gain new skills with the Warrior, Sorcerer, Dancer and Engineer that all become useful.

Balance to me mostly works well if you choose one of those four classes each with that setup. Possible you were right about the gold rate on items, I can't comment there, but otherwise the rest is well done.

There are a couple of states and a lot of buffs and debuffs used in the game too. I guess on the enemies there is a lot of attacks and magic attacks that can feel repetitive, and you're saying it'd been good to differentiate them further, fair point, I do agree even more skills should've been added. Still with all of this going on it's not completely lacking with no effort either, I couldn't say that about this game, no way.

Eternal Twilight Review

From what I watched I'd say the story seems average to me, with a couple of interesting surprises around the second half of the game. I still wouldn't say it's bad in any way or form.

The characters though, I'd say are more enjoyable, and the party members have nice thought-out scenes among themselves, some play out quite funny!

I'd say the mapping is above more than average, as it seemed to have good thought behind it all.

The gameplay though is really where the game looks like it shines. I can tell by just watching a video of it that combat is really well thought out, but since you have to do a lot of crafting with equipment to win, and my own personal taste does not enjoy crafting like that, nor the randomness effect of it either, least it seems like this from what I've watched players do and the comments they left on the game. So I decided to watch parts of it, instead of play the game.

I liked reading this review you did though and I think I'm roughly right with my observations, so reading what someone who does enjoy almost every feature the game has to offer say, I'd say this review seem a nice fair score that's about right for the game.

Yet yesterday, simple somewhat creative ideas came to me, many at once. I liked most of them & there easy to use. Funny how that worked out.

That's good! Simple is often better!
I agree with you actually. Not quite always but definitely often is. I hope I can get these type of simple yet creative ideas more often.
Yeah, you never want to over complicate something just for the sake of it. If you are familiar with the original Predator movie, it's a very simple and effective movie. Compare it to the new one which is a over complicated piece of crap trying to be "new" and "different"
You have a lot more creative space with simpler ideas than trying to go full force into something with five or six stories going on.

Obviously, simple isn't always better. But it's good to know the distinction in game development. :)

Can't comment on the example, but exactly. Though I don't mind complications or muti-stories either, as long as they can be broken down into little parts and the way we read/play/watch them isn't way too confusing.

2 days ago was browsing TVTropes for story ideas. Instead of helping, felt confused. For me, it's difficult to implement ideas this way.

Some of what is said can be entertaining, but to actual brain storm ideas? I'm unsure.

They do have a couple of pages where they've quote and talk a little about what some authors have said about plots, which interested me. I also found a few pages on RPG classes which can be a good starting point if you know nothing about them, but you'd have to expand it further by yourself. Those pages I found a little interesting and a bit helpful.

Yet yesterday, simple somewhat creative ideas came to me, many at once. I liked most of them & there easy to use. Funny how that worked out.

That's good! Simple is often better!

I agree with you actually. Not quite always but definitely often is. I hope I can get these type of simple yet creative ideas more often.

World of Ruin Review

I think you're being quite unfair on the gameplay section of this review. If I understAND right, you've written this based on a disappointment that the game wasn't what you had hoped for and expected.

Still, to me it doesn't seem fair to review the gameplay based on that. The battle mechanics in my opinion are quite fun for the simple type of game it is, and, as you've been told already, there is a level 2 and a level 3 dungeon for you out there. So your statement on backtracking is actually incorrect.

With the latest version, I did have to do a bit of grinding later in the game, a little, but otherwise you can just go to the next dungeon your meant to and take care of the enemies. They do act differently and replaying the game a second and even third time to test out different skills with different class combinations can be fun too, if and when you have the time for that.

You may be right that the item cost rates are too high, as I didn't test these outs untill near the end of the game with all three of my playthroughs, but I did focus on stocking up with upgraded equipment and that seemed a good reasonable price to me.

I suppose the objective and features of this game and how it plays out should be stated clearer on the front page, and it makes sense you were disappointed with the story from that perspective, and I agree the description page is vague in that respect, yet it does say the game was made for a one map challenge on the same page too, so I'm still not entirely sure what you were expecting.

There are other games on this site just like this one though, where you just fight encounters and gain items and/or equipment and that's it. If this is what you mean by your statement on jugding the quality of the game, I could also say in any other RPG Maker game going from and to Town > Field > Dungeon > Town > Field > Dungeon can be judged in 10 minutes that the rest of the game will be the same quality too, just like you said here.

It's not spelt out extremely obviously where you should go next, and I had a bit of confusion to check different locations a little myself, but I wouldn't say it's that difficult to figure out either, and for the most part I was able to find those next dungeons with ease. Just required a bit of checking different areas, and in any game that involves exploring a world map you usually have this problem at a more complex scale then it was in this game. Granted though, less confusion would've been good but here it is not game breaking to me the way it's been designed.

Very unfair, with some incorrections, but understandable, review in my opinion.

An Update

Nice to hear you are working on a game again, hopefully this time there won't be error messages and bugs.

There goes another month

Looks great, really like your party member sprites.

5 Steps to Write Better Female Characters

These are really, really good thoughtful points to consider with writing female characters. Thanks for the article. Glad someone bumped it up so I came across it.