[RMMV] Reducing the party's TP by a percentage

I'm not 100% sure but if this plugin works, would this work for you?

This Chrono Trigger "Sequel" trailer looks better than any pixel game Square has made in the past ten years.

Um, I actually think the pixel art in that trailer was mostly really neat and visually appealing, the background and detail was beautifully done. It was just that portal near the end that looked bad to me.

Umbral Soul

Woah, that's cool to see a wiki for this game and all!

[Poll] [RMVX] [RMVX ACE] I MUST KNOW - Who are your favorite RTP characters?

Is it possible to setup a poll and do muti votes on this site? Since I can't pick just one.

But, know I prefer everyone in XP RTP over VX & VX Ace anytime.

Castle Oblivion 3 Review

Wow, this is really in-depth review! Top notch quality, Boos! I'm very happy to hear that you managed to enjoy the game so much despite some of its flaws. I definitely agree with you that the writing could be a lot better. As you may have noticed, English is not my main, and I was very young and immature back when I made this IIRC. xD

If you enjoyed the game this much, you'll without a doubt love the CO1 Remake. It basically improves upon all aspects from the original (and CO3). Writing is a lot better too, all thanks to the13thsecret (the talanted writer I hooked up with). I've learned a lot from him.

You'll most likely enjoy the remake's combat a lot more, especially since I decided to put a big emphasis on buff/debuffs. The overall balance is a lot smoother as well, mainly because it doesn't take an eternity to get a full party.

Again, kudos for taking your time to share your thoughts in such a detailed manner. Thank you kindly, buddy!

First floor = first impression, so it's pretty important to get it right, am I right Luiishu? :D
Déjá Vu.

Glad you like the review Luiishu. Yeah it can be difficult to write well if it's not your native language, English is my native language but I still don't think I'm that good at writing myself. But it's good if you can find someone else to do the writing to polish it sort of thing. Glad someone helped you out with rewriting the remake.

Honestly though, the mapping in this game is very impressive work, it's the main reason I gave it a high score. I enjoyed exploring a lot of the maps but for dungeon design I think the shrine at the beginning is one of my favourites.

Only other thing I need to say that I forgot earlier, was the random encounter rate. I felt a lot of the time it was higher than it needed to be, and I felt Rebecka fire skills were very powerful and useful to have early on and later. In my experience it helped made the game easier at points I'm glad it did.

I will play the remake evetually and let you know my thoughts on that in the future. :)

War of Two Worlds Review

Did you think the reasons were played out well?
It felt a bit sloppy in my opinion. Since, apparently the main method of learning about the Dragon God is from reading an ancient texts/scroll that are just randomly laying about in Aura Forest and other areas in the game. Which raises all kinds of question about how these texts have managed to survive over the centuries. After all, these ancient documents appear to be written on regular old paper and are merely carried all over the world by being blown about by the wind and what have you. At least, if they were comprised of stone or something like the poneglyphs from "One Piece" I could understand how they've managed to survive. As it stands, this feels like a really bad plot contrivance.

I do not like the sound of heavy amounts of backtracking though, is it really bad in that aspect?

Yes. It does try to lesson the strain of this issue later on in the game by allowing you to quick travel through enemy filled areas you've already cleared if their isn't anything plot related going on. But even so, you'll spend large swaths of this game traveling back and forth between certain towns and forests.

Yeah I agree completely actually, stones would work best. Even if the paper was reproduced many times over the years, or that forest is enchanted and can somehow protect the scrolls to live that long, even an idea like that would've work way better then just it blew by the wind and remains there for huge amount of years. But I guess the developer must've overlooked that then.

I have played games before though where I accepted magic scrolls as ancient text, but they were more game mechanics than related to plot devices.

A little bit of backtracking in games I can put up with if there is a good reason to backtrack, like proper new content, hidden rare items/equipment, new side quests or optional bosses maybe? But is none of that in this game then?

Thanks though for giving me some insight and views about it from a nearly complete LP experience with the game! :)

RTP Review

Hey again Milennin, thank you for taking time to make and share both those videos.

I gave the game one more try and played with Warrior, Cleric and Assassin. I was able to beat it this time and I found it lengthy but much easier, the frustration element wasn't there this time around and I did have more fun with it then the last time I completed it where it still felt even lengthier and harder, so I updated my review to reflect that new experience.

Will reply to you properly later but need a break now.

Oh, but here are two screenshots I decided to take this time round that I thought you might be interested in. Forgot to do both of these last time round.

(You can press cross, skip that message and play the game fine).



I do like the creative use of these particular tilesets here, the chain effect looks really nice in my opinion, nicely done! :)

War of Two Worlds Review

While your arguments are sound and valid, I think the score is too harsh and even inconsistent considering your review history, since you gave even most bare-bones two hours long games you had played at least two full stars. War of Two Worlds is as old school as it gets when it comes to killing the same monsters for hours in one dungeon, but - compared to other games who rely on this procedure - it's still fun. At least the developer dabbled in worldbuilding and crafting a compelling story, and the player can feel his passion and see how well-wrought most of the game's designs are.

Admittedly, learning that the mind stat is irrelevant is a big letdown, but this way battles at least pose a challenge (resource-wise). It's misleading that you don't mention the game's (other) features. There's a variety of optional areas and side quests (ultimate weapons, colosseum, detective side quest - to name a few) and a simple crafting system. Furthermore, the player can recruit NPCs for his airship. Many of the game's secrets are well-hidden and demand that the player thinks for himself to figure them out. Also, consider that this game was released 2004. It must have been revolutionary at that time. Even nowadays there aren't many noncommercial RPG Maker 2003 JRPGs of this scope that offer more old school fun.

Finally, your review would benefit if you didn't treat Siddon Social-Justice-Warrior-exaggeration-style. Compared to all JRPG bad guys (supposedly) turned good, he's relatively harmless. He doesn't fight the party with clear intent to kill, the object he stole from the party would have ended up in the hands of the enemy one way or another, and the story is rather vague about how much (attempted) sexual harassment is involved. While Siddon doesn't contribute much to the story, he doesn't ruin it in any way.

To summarize, you're clearly biased, which ruins your review as much as the game's flaws ruined your enjoyment.

I haven't played this game or know much more about than what two reviews said, but I know I'd rate a game based on how much I enjoyed it when reviewing, so if I enjoyed a short two hour game a lot it'd probably get a higher score than a long game that I didn't enjoy very much.

But I don't want to suggest that is or isn't the case with this game, and I'm not saying the score should or shouldn't be highered, as I don't know my own experience or thesacredlobo really, just explaining how and why a game can get a lower score than others by anyone.

War of Two Worlds Review

But, by the sound of pianotm review about the 1000 years ago war, it seems there a few parts of the game that weren't well thought-out.
Oddly enough they do explain why humans have fought so many wars with the dragons over the years. The reason for this is because who ever can gain control of most of the dragons will become the Dragon God and have the ability to usurp Aura and become the supreme god that rules over all of creation in the game's universe. In order to prevent this people have waged war on the dragons time and time again in order to make sure there would never be enough dragons around for anyone person to control in order to meet the requirements for this power.

Still it sounds like it has a few charms and character dialogue is a strong point. Is that all correct?

The character bits are rather good early on, but the game really starts to hit the drag shoot after a while. So much so, that I actually had one person tell me that they couldn't even watch my Let's Play for this game anymore.

And this is a really long game too. I'm over 75 parts into this game at this point and I'm still not done. And each of those episodes is generally between 20 to 30 minutes in length.

And the game has two dumb stats. You don't actually get any benefit from raising your mind or defense in this game.

Oh I see, that does sound better thought out then my first impression. Still I'd need to see it in the game itself to know if it played out good. Did you think the reasons were played out well?

Sounds like the game could do with more work with both mechanics and at least Siddon's character arc development, from the impression I'm getting it sounds like it has more cons than pros overall, but still has some good points, which is good at least.

I do not like the sound of heavy amounts of backtracking though, is it really bad in that aspect?