Like the logo. Those wings may look better if they are white/yellow.

Seal of the Maidens (Demo Version)

Don't forget thunder/volt/lighting, if you're using ice chances are you've got that.

Dark/Darkness? Light/Holy?

This is a simple 3 element system, rock, paper, scissors?


More detail can be placed here. You know what fits, I don't. Just some thoughts to help out here.

If it's a temple more statues. Ancient temple? Cracks? Boxes?

Perhaps change the structure so the path to the statue is more narrow. Shrinking maps really small in the engine, while still having 3-tile-walking-space for the PC to move about, can make them look really good on the game screen.

Changing the structure will allow you to add more layers, stairs. Some holes, give off a more dungeon feel, bridge?

Make some of the tiles older/different? Give sandy areas some flowers?

From the sand looks to me like this is in a desert, a temple dungeon. Darkness? Traps? Event-usage possibilities? Switch puzzles, gates, orbs?


The map is simple and good, I like that. Put up some barrels around perhaps? Place events on the books/barrels? Reward the player some Gold for interacting, or whatever currency you use. Maybe a small potion? Players like treasure hunting.

So long it's balanced, little things like this can really boost your maps from a gameplay view.


Good mapping!I like the mixture and style.