Slowdown Due to Circumstance

It's understandable that other external problems can cause things to slow down, sorry to hear that but at least things are improving once again for you. I think you've got something good here though, just take it all at a pace you can handle.

2019 - "Best of" List!

Hey there, I just want to let you know that the video is not loading for me. Since you provided a link to the channel, I checked, and I think I found the right video, it works on YouTube so perhaps something went wrong with the code?

I am using Chrome, saying in case it's just a problem on my end?

Glacia 2019-2020 Edition

I'm glad to hear you are bringing this back, I always like looking at the mapping. I know the gameplay needed more balance in that very old demo, but I know you can sort that out and maybe have done so already.

Good luck with this!

NEW Art Corner #1-4

Very beautiful artwork! : ) So much good colour and personality with there clothes, hair and style!

Cast Animations

I do like how the black mage first flashes and then sends out the spell, and I really like how thunder colour choice is green.

It does look good already.

Yep, good luck with what you decide!

Reason for lack of updates. Announcement #1

Good to hear from you.

Take care, and all the best with your projects! ^_^

Same to you with The Third World (I checked I remembered the title right, but I did.), which is looking good, and any other project you are tackling! : )

Cast Animations

It may be

MOTION type: target, (no weapon)

from Action Sequence Pack 2. There a lot of options for MOTION type, one of those possibly.

Other suggestion, maybe someone in the forums can help you out.

I hope you can get there in the end, but if you do have to just deal with it, the project still looks great.

Cast Animations




motion wait: user
perform start
wait for effect
motion wait: user
perform action

Something like this to begin with?

perform finish

I get the feeling you'd already try all of this so I'm not helping, but I thought I risk that probability and share this anyway.

I give up! New version!

Well, if scrapping it makes the game a whole lot better then it's worth it. I know there can be a dilemma in the mind over this, and I wouldn't be completely discouraged by the feature you liked but scrapped.

It's possible what you had is still good, but just not for the other combinations of things in this current game. Reading the comment above me here seems to think so.

I mean scrapping something can lead to thinking it was completely useless all along, but later going back to it and remembering why it seemed a good idea at the time might help realize hey it might still be useful just, as said above, not with certain other combination of mechanic and features in this exact game.

Whether you actually want to use it in another project sometime in the future, doesn't have to be the next project, or forget it completely is the question to think next time.

And, we all learn from experience! (For me I've in the past been scrapping entire projects, so congratulations on making something!!!) Good luck.

Rewriting is such sweet sorrow, Part Deux: Faith No More

I don't use it either unless I let the player rename the hero, but this is clearly a case for using it, for sure!
True. ^_^ I actually didn't think of the idea myself; I borrowed it (too late! too late!) from a friend of mine who's actually used it to good effect: the heroine of his story originally had a more "Japanese-sounding" name, but he changed it to a more offbeat one with a single entry in the "Actors" column! Talk about "working smart"... =)

It's good you are able to stay motivated and keep going, that is a great help and good thing for you. I can imagine having to rewrite a name in a lot of dialogue events does take some time and effort, but you are doing it and so you will be getting there!

Also, I didn't even think of the \N tag either, lately in the last couple of years. I did end up using it many years ago for that same concern. It's definitely a useful tip, however it's one any of us could easily miss not thinking about it. You're not alone!

Thanks! It's taking time, but it's getting there. I hope the finished product (or at least the next demo I put out, hint hint ^_^) will be to your taste!

Sure, I'm sure it'll be very interesting! At least you found a solution to the naming problem now.
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