Devlog #2

I just really love how your game project is going so far. The visuals are amazing, and it just looks like it'll be very successful. Keep taking your time, as it looks worth the patients and effort you put into it.

My only thoughts are, I haven't seen much about the story itself. I know it's about a girl who lost her memorises, and if I understood right she had a previous life too.

Is it alright if you let me know some more details about the story without spoiling much? You may have already mentioned them elsewhere and I just haven't noticed, but I'm more interested about it. I may be able to share some opinions.

You can private message me if you like. I may be able to help, but I'm happy to keep everything coincidental.

Best of luck with Paradise Lost, it's looking really good so far!

Issues outstanding with hotfix 1.2

Amazing artwork as always Zephyrs!

A little update! ^_^

That's true. I think you make good custom side view battler art for characters and I've seen some of Berry's artwork and think it's good too, so that must have been fun for both of you when you can combined your different talents together.

Yes, sounds the best idea, just to not end up with the spoilers. But, at least once the game is finished you can release a video of some of the game. I think for Steam they require a video of some kind, as anything I have searched on there seems to have a video on the store page. Even free games. Most of the game choose to have a trailer, some of the games show a certain part of the game instead, but I think Steam sales can be effected by the presentation so best of luck on that when you finally get there.

Keep going, but don't overdo it!

A little update! ^_^

Glad to hear from you again Starmage. It's always important to balance game related stuff with real life as well.

That is a really brightened and nice looking map you made there! I'm now curious to know how it relates to the story, and more about this location from the story perspective. But, still don't give me any spoilers.

Mental Health Update.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I've been through a lot of mental issues the last couple of years, related to psychosis. I tired many different types of medication but the one I'm on now works best for me and I've had some huge improvements this year which is great.

Just being able to find out if there is any medication out there that could help you might make a whole huge difference for you.

Hope you can recover from this soon.

An Update

Nice to hear you are working on a game again, hopefully this time there won't be error messages and bugs.

There goes another month

Looks great, really like your party member sprites.

HEARTBEAT has Officially Launched!


I hope the Steam version becomes a huge success because it deserves to be.

Delays Again

Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon.

I've been suffering and now recovering from a mental illness for a few years now, so I know good advice would be not to ever push yourself too much, and if your body says to rest then it normally is a good idea to do take rests.

About the game..

I didn't play much of this game but the introduction seemed a bit messy and odd to me. It was a bit difficult to follow what was going on and it seemed strange to have near the start that demon just standing there and NPC's to the right behind it the way you setup it up. My advice would've been to have two separate maps and have the demon blocking access to the NPC's town instead and perhaps create a mini plot out of that.

I also felt the mapping was quite poor, but you said you made this 3 years ago AND it was your first project. That's understandable in a way as a lot of people's first project maps aren't the best. I do advice you look at screenshots of other games in VX/VX Ace and MV (since all three engines have similar mapping styles) and if that's not enough for you then research on the internet for some mapping tutorials and try to learn from there what to do to improve them.

Right now a lot of your maps in that game, that I played so far, could do with better boarders and clearer paths between the start point and exit point, as well as a lot more detail.

The structure of your towns minus the boarders are ok, but it just feels empty the way it was at the moment.

I didn't play that far though, so that's all the feedback I can give you for now.

I will say however that your presentation of the game on this site is nicely done. Yes it could be improved further, but you've got a good start here. And the mapping in the screenshots you uploaded already look at lot better than the ones at the start of this game. So good job on both those points at least.