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Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

it's not rpg maker but 2 weeks ago on a whim i started working on a project with the premise "not space invaders"
some time has passed and now i have something to show for my endeavor

it's an arcade-style orbital shooter i've been working steadily at improving and adding to since its inception, which is good because it's coding practice as well as an opportunity to make a lot of fun sprites

soon i intend to start working on the story mode (which means upgrades and bosses) after i finish with today's content additions a main menu

here's the link on itch.io if anyone wants to give it a try! input is always encouraged


the title screen had me really interested; the colors and choice of stylization really stuck out as being professional.
it would help the pacing a lot of the player was able to accelerate the text, it gets to be tedious at a certain point.
shift acting as the jump button, while space is dash, is strange to me, and i'm sure others would feel the same way, as most games are configured the other way around. the jumping-and-shooting feels very fluid and megaman-like, (as does the player sprite :Y)
your mechanics feel very solid, but i would reconsidering your button configuration for keyboard users, it really threw off my experience. and i would recommend perhaps making it so that a-s-d-f can be used to fire in different directions regardless of the direction the player is facing?

Brian's Adventures DEMO

the name entry box is slightly off center, is that intentional?
the "princess kidnapped!" plot is really cliche, but that seems to be your angle.
the first death by stumbling was pretty funny actually, but i thought it was a scripted event and ran over the pothole again only to die a second time in the same way :Y
the death tracker is an interesting mechanic as well. does the character move so fast so you'll accidentally sprint into traps and die? it's mildly offputting.
so basically, you die a lot in this game. i think it would be funny for someone to play with friends or an audience, just due to the sheer ridiculousness of it, but for a solo player it would likely just become frustrating. i guess how much that means to you depends on how you intend to market it!


i ADORE this artstyle, it reminds me of sort of a fusion of mother 2 and 3. regardless of your intent, the colors are vivid and the scenery is charming. however, as mentioned, the car is really small and could easily afford to take up a few extra tiles. the outside of the house is sparsely detailed, as well, and the color of the walls blends in with the ground somewhat, which is mildly disorienting. i wish you luck on this project, wherever it takes you, in any case!


i agree that the grass is a bit busy, but otherwise your shapes are super distinct and crisp and i think it would be very unlikely for me to get tired of seeing them. your color palette is great as well! keep up the good work

a long awaited introduction

hello! i'm bunny, i'm a digital artist, writer, and hobbyist game dev. i've lurked the forums, as well as being active in the rpgm slack channel as of late, for a good while so it's probably about time i make my presence known. i play around with a lot of different tools but i am fairly aquainted with rpgmvxa as of now! i hope i can end up making good things with what i learn here
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