Entrepreneur, RPG Maker user (all of them... but primarily Ace), hotel Night Manager, and currently beginning a moving/hauling business. I am on a few rpg based forums under the same user name.

Ten things I like: dragons, unique simple art, New Orleans, helping people with no desire for payback, funny newspaper headlines, Garfield (the Jim Davis one), friends, the cactus I have managed to keep alive for 4 years, and anything Zelda (the ever Legendary Nintendo one).

Ten things I don't like: unnecessarily rude or abrasive people, ranch flavor (yucckkk), smog, close-mindedness, the end of Christmas, the bills that pile on at the end of Christmas (LOL), mosquitoes, mushrooms (okay to look at, not okay to consume), summer heat, that moment when a shoe that you are wearing starts making a strange and noticeable squeaking sound every time you take a step (grrr)