Brazilian, psychologist, game making lover. I make strange games, but I'm not a strange person.
THERAPIST: Mind Manager
A life simulator focused on managing psychological variables.



Release Maker Birthday~

I guess I could come up with a tech demo for The Lonely League. But I'm too scared to commit.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Just change this project name to Christmas Card 2021 and you'll be early instead of late.

Nightmares of Jumping Bunnies Review

Thank you for the review! And I'm glad you are traumatized by like it!

It's funny that you see this is a joke game and not GOK, cause I feel like they have pretty similar concepts. Maybe it's just hard to take a bunch of bunnies saying they love you seriously!

The Lady Puppet

Looking sexy! It's nice to see you coming up with something so different from KF but also very consistent to your style!

Hide and Seek

I found out about this game thanks to Ukrainian translation. Interesting short game. It's strange to play alone, but it's still fun for at least few minutes.

An error occurs after entering third level, at least on my computer. Luckily, changing the name of the chipset helped to solve this problem.

Glad you liked it!
And yeah, it's a game to be played by two players side-by-side inspired by a veeeeeeery old Atari game... back from a time when people actually met in person to play games!

That bug is probably related to the translation, not sure it ever happened with the original version!

Grab Open Kill

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

Well, the maze-like configuration of some levels is part of the challenge, but I understand that it can be annoying. I trying making it too hard only on final levels, and I ended up editing level 7 to make it simpler so there wouldn't be too much walking in the end.

Your comment on the last song being a trigger is interesting. Another played seemed to be bothered by it, but I asked some people and they liked it. I actually think it's a beautiful song!

Grab Open Kill Review

This is a very flattering sweet review. You made me like the game more than I did before hahaha!

And congrats on finding that secret cheat glitch. I would have never though of that.

2021 Misaos - Thoughts, Ideas, Plans

How about a review event at the end of the year aimed only at Misao nominated games? Or any sort of event that encourages people to play more games and talk about them before nominating, I dunno.

Grab Open Kill

So this game is less than a month old, has only 12 downloads but already has a Ukranian translation.

Which sadly I can't link correctly because my browser won't let me paste foreign links.

Arma going global!

--edit-- I had said "Russian", but someone on Twitter told me it is actually Ukrainian!


Is this Secret of Mana rips?

I'm pretty sure it is. Not sure if Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 3.