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Help me with the logic for this targeting system

I'm designing a tactical RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics with grid movement etc.

I currently need help thinking an issue. I don't need exactly scripting/eventing help, just figuring out the logic for what I want.

When the player is going to move, movement tiles are placed to signal his movement reach. To do so, I used a event spawner plugin, and made events spawn copies of themselves on adjacent tiles until they reach the movement limit. They don't spawn over occupied tiles, so if there's an obstacle, it reduces the movement range, and it looks like the first chart of this image:

So far so good. What I need to do now is to place tiles for long range attacks. I cannot use the same logic because, according to the first chart, you'd be able to target an enemy behind the obstacle. Another option would be just to place the target tiles in all non-occupied tiles within range, but it would also allow you to target enemies behind obstacles, like chart 2.

So how do I design it so that an obstacle will block other tiles "behind" it? Ideas?

HP x Defense

I'm designing a battle system from scratch, and I'm trying to rethink things that are usually obvious and come up with new stuff.

The issue I want to discuss is the potential redundancy between HP and Defense. I feel like both stats represent how long you last in a battle, or how much damage you can take. If they’re the same, I can only use one. I’m thinking of removing the defense stat, and base damage solely on attack power and some random factor.

Sounds reasonable? Or am I missing something?

[HIRING] Programmer

I want to make a game with a TBS like Shining Force, and I need help from a programmer who can make me or edit plugins, mostly for targeting and pathfinding.

I'm willing to pay, but I'm not actually hiring a team member because it's a short free game and I don't need help designing the entire system, just a few specific plugins.

RPG Maker MV, but possibly MZ.

[RMMV] Pathfinding

My childhood dream has always been to design a TBS/SRPG, but I never even tried because I lacked the technical knowledge. Know I think I can do it, and the only thing I'm missing is a proper pathfinding method.

I found this plugin that is almost perfect for me:

The only problem is I really need to limit the number of steps the event takes, so I'm hoping someone might help me with that.

Also, is there a way to determine if event 1 is reachable by event 2 before event 2 moving? I tested that plugin and if one event is blocked, the other will move as close to it as possible before stopping. But if I could determine that reachability beforehand, it could greatly help me design some sort of AI.

I know there are complete TBS/SRPG plugins around, but the amount of work I'd need to customize them to my needs is undoubtedly much greater than just figuring this pathfinding thing out.

Brainstorming battle system ideas inspired from other games

The thing is: I'm tired of the old turn based battle system, but when I try to come up with alternatives, all I can think of is grid-based tactical battle systems, which I love, but it's hard to make and can't be the only alternative.

What I like about TBS is that it looks like a variation of a grid board game, like chess or checkers, adapted to a battle system.

So what I want help brainstorming right now is: other possible battle systems that are inspired from other games (including board games).

First thing that came to my mind is this battle system that looks a lot like rock-paper-scissors. Though I used it in two games of mine, I'm sure I got that idea from someplace else, but I don't remember where:

What other typically non-battle games could be transformed into a battle system?

I'm also open to ANY other battle systems that are not too much like the ones previous mentioned.

Horror mechanics

I'm working on a game which is not a horror game, but I want to add something that I could call... an horror minigame?

What I want to discuss is this: how to create horror through MECHANICS? When we think of horror, we usually think of graphics, sound, and sometimes storytelling. But are there game mechanics capable of invoking feelings associated with horror, like anxiety, fear and nervousness? Can you think of any games that do it well?

Recommend me life simulator/time management games

I want PC game recommendations as inspiration for an upcoming project of mine.

I want games that are life sumulator/time managers. Ones that are divided in days, and in each day you need to choose how you're going to spend your time, and the results of your choices affect your stats, relationships, story outcomes, etc.

Games that come to mind are Jones in the fast lane, Cart Life and True Love (which are very different among themselves, but fit the description). I don't want games that are too open-ended like The Sims. Preferrably something I can play on my computer for free or small bucks.

Best softwares for composing music

I want to compose my own music for my next game, but I don't know what software I should use.

Back in the day I used Music Sculptor to create midi. You basically just played notes on your keyboard and it recorded it. I stopped using it because program lags in more recente Windows versions. I'm looking for something similar, but preferrably something that doesnt rely too much on my own timing, and that can expost music to mp3, not midi.

Hiring RMMV scripter

I need one plugin for RPGMaker MV that doesn't seem to exist, so I'm willing to pay for it, if someone could do it for me.

It's a name input script with the following specifications:

1- Typing instead of picking letters.
2- Doesn't bug with confirm keys (like A or SPACE).
3- Customizable font.
4- No character face.
6- Doesn't blur the rest of the screen.
5- Doesn't clash with my other plug-ins (I'm using a whole bunch).

I already have plug-ins that do some of these things, but not all.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Custom name input

I want to make a "note to self" system, which basically lets you write anything and it's displayed on the screen as part of the HUD. I want to do it by character name. I already have a script that allows me to display a character name as HUD, but I can't seem to find a usable custom name input script. Because it can't look like a name input, it should be as simple and clean as possible, just "Type something" and the letters below or a typing space.

Also, the scripts I've already tried don't follow the rest of the game's font.