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[RMVX ACE] Non player event collision

Here's approximately what I want to do:

Imagine a map full of events in two categories: blue and red.
Each will have their own movement routines.
And I want specific commands to be triggered when a red event touches another red event, and a different commands when red touches blue. And another when blue touches blue.
None of these events are the player.

What comes to mind is having each event store his X/Y coordinates on variables, and have zillions of branches checking if that event has touched each other event. But that is a ton of work, hopefully unnecessary.

Is there a way to do it with commands? If not, with scripts?

Btw, I'll be using many different types of events, not just "red" and "blue". I said that just to make my question simpler.

How to restart

I haven't made any games since 2013. I purchased RMVXAce, but never made any game with it. Sometimes I think about going back to game making, but the doubt that haunts me is this:

What engine to use? I'm mostly worried about compatibility. I'm Always confused about which versions of RM are most compatible with newest Windows versions. Or if newer RM versions also run on other systems. The easiest option for me would be to make a game on RMVXAce, but maybe it's worth it buying the newest RM? Forgot the name... or maybe RM isn't even worth it anymore and I should learn another game engine (especially considering the games I make are not really RPGs)? I'm open to all sorts of opinions.

Screen Resolution problems

I bought a new computer, it runs Windows 10 and my monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080. Whenever I run any RPGMaker game, either VX Ace or 2k3 (the versions I have), the game image appears stretched. Changing my computer screen resolution doesn't make a difference, even if I change it to a 4:3 rate (when I run the game, it fills the entire screen again).

Any ideas?

Commercial games and creativity

People often tell me I should try making money out of my games. My answer always is: I would never do that. And the reason is: I feel that from the moment I decide to make a game meant to be SOLD instead of freely distributed, it would affect my decision making in ways that would make the game less daring, more conservative, less creative, and overall of a lesser quality. Of course I tend to worry about what will people think of my game, but I never had to worry whether people would buy my game, or HOW MANY people would buy it.

People usually tell me I'm wrong, that one thing is not related to the other. But today I came acrosse the following scientific paper that seems to support my idea:

"individuals given rewards seem to work harder and produce more activity, but the activity is of a lower quality, contains more errors, and is more stereotyped and less creative than the work of comparable nonrewarded subjects working on the same problems". [LINK TO PAPER]


Help me with an experiment


I am testing an experiment, and I need help from anyone willing to help.

In order to participate, download the following file:

Unzip it and run the executable. It contains all the instructions you need. The whole thing should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

I will answer questions regarding what it's about once I'm finished.

Thanks in advance!

Games with battlers facing up

In my game, the battling sprites will be facing up. I'm spriting battlers in battle stances facing up, but it's tricky. Do you guys know of any games in which battlers are facing up, so I can use their poses as references? Something like Fantasy Star, except I need full bodies and in battle poses.

This is what I have so far.

I think it looks ok, but her left arm looks strange, but I'm not sure how it should be!

[RMVX ACE] Character HP display

I'm working on a battle system that is not in the regular battle screen, instead using charsets on the map. My question is what is the best way to display the individual HP of each character (heroes and enemies). Ideally I wanted to display an HP bar on top of each char-event, but I imagine it's too hard. I could also go for display current/max HP number (like 25/30) on top of each character, but I don't know how to do it either. Is there a script for it? Are there other ways?

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Balloon dialog size adjustment

I was looking for a balloon message script, and I found this one that looks great and exactly what I needed:

But when if I change font size or font name, the balloon size won't adjust correspondingly. The script is huge, I have no idea where to change. Can anyone help?

[RMVX ACE] Variable HUD script question

I know this is probably an incredibly stupid question, but I'm new to this script thing.

I'm using this script:

But even after copy-pasting the script in the editor, the variables won't show. I guess I need to initialize the script somehow. How do I do it?


I found out, but I'll keep this topic because I'll probably have more questions regarding this script.

[RMVX ACE] Music / event synch

I want to know how precisely I can synch a BGM music and events.


I start playing a song, and at the same time a second-counting parallel event starts to run. When the second count reaches, for example, 45, something happens... and this event is supposed to happen exactly at 00:45 of the song.

How precise can it be? Are there ways to make it more precise?

I know there was a strange variation in RM2K3. I had a phase that lasted exactly 5 minutes and a mp3 that lasted exactly 5 minutes as well, but sometimes the song looped, and sometimes the phase ended before the song ending.