Windows 10

Will all the rtps for all the Rpg Maker 2k to the newest version work in Windows 10? I just got me a new computer.

Four Gems

Has anyone ever played this game. I found it on the net a few years ago and downloaded it. I am trying to get through the thieves forest. Can anyone help me.

Keyboard Problems

My keyboard and gamepad wont play any of the games. Nothing moves at all. I've tried to restart my computer and still the same results. Any suggestions PLEASE???!!!


I'd just downloaded new drivers for my video card and now when I'm playing an rpg 2k game there seems to e a flickering shadow coming from the top of my screen. It doesn't really interfere with play, its just like a shadow coming down from the top of the screen. I'm using a flat screen monitor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

RPG 2k and RPG2k3 rt

I used to have rpg-rt exes for RPG2K and RPG2K3 on my old computer but it crashed and I lost everything. I hope its not against the ules but I need both of those RPG-RTs. Can someone tell me where to get them anymore?
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