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thanks guys!! also the Sabotage Times website listed it in their "best alternative videogames of 2010" feature here its me im alternative *smears pearl jam on toast* but it's p neat i think!

RMN Snews - Issue #22

Keep an open mind

...and not only just to let new ideas in, but to let old ideas fall out.

Doing unique, random, different, and ridiculous things is a good way to exercise the mind and promote new ways of thinking about the world around us. As for RMN and games in general, try playing games outside of your typical preffered genre, or try exploring new game design ideas, or experiment with a new maker or engine (even geodude is trying out Construct!).

On the flipside, try to let go of the prejudices, preconceived notions of what makes a game "good" or "fun", old affliations to cliques, and instead just try to soak in some new experiences. An open mind is comfortable with differences.

Try different music you haven't tried before. Go to an arts fair or indie art gallery. Read about a different culture on Wikipedia. Let your mind wander. Play (different) board games. Learn to write backwards. Draw with your left hand (or attempt to draw at all). Read backwards. Build things with lego. Eat new foods. Exercise. Juggle. Take a whole day without ever checking what time it is. Approach the world like an inquisitive child!

(Now go forth and tranlate an "experience" into a game!)

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My community (Oniromancie)

That Off game looks like a hoot, it reminds me a lot of an english-speaking-community game called Ghosts Of Aliens by SwordOfKings128. It's a completed game with custom music and graphics and it's really good (big ups to da custom engspeak rmers!!!!!!! much love!!!!)

uh doesnt really have anything to do with oniromancie but you know ON THE SUBJECT OF NEAT LOOKING GAMES.

Greg Orduyan you meaningless piece of shit!

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Let's Try - Season 2

I watched all of the Space Funeral videos. :<

Also I found them pretty interesting and helpful in terms of breaking down a lot of the assumptions I had about how someone new to the game would actually play it and navigate the world etc! I watched some of the vids for other games too and they were good.

My community (Oniromancie)

These are really great. Like even beyond custom graphics the settings and characters seem so far away from generic epic fantasy/postapocalypse worlds. I mean

Mortis Ghost, exaheva:

You could probably make up even just the scenario shown in this screenshot with a creative use of ripped graphics (sampledelica...) but there's noone really doing this! I mean even charas-project has a bunch of weird stuff you can scavenge and reassemble but instead of bizarre little robot dudes and monsters hammered together out of odss and ends as protagonists so many games just seem to have the same generic anime warriors over and over. I remember just seeing the character design for Wilfred in Wilfred The Hero and being completely blown away at the possibilities that it seemed to imply, how it seemed to suggest a whole new way of thinking about boring and overused concepts which could be smart and evocative instead of plodding and overliteral, and some of the screens here suggest kind of the same thing. I am generally suspicious when game designers salivate over pretty screenshots for unreleased games but in this case I think it's more a matter of uh horizons being opened up than just worthless chapset onanism.

What are you currently reading?

Invisible Cities is my favourite Italo Calvino book (actually possibly my favourite book period??), I've tried to get into If On A Winter's Night a few times but idk the central conceit always seemed too cutesy to me.

I'm reading a collection of William Blake poems, they rule, they're good poems 5/5. I am not even POETRY GUY in general but I like them a whole lot. The only thing is that the latter half of the book is mostly selections from Blake's longer "prophetic" books which are like ridiculously dense private mythologies which read like Phillip K. Dick's schizophrenic christianity in "Valis" or possibly just some of the stuff here

Jerusalem tells the story of the fall of Albion, Blake's embodiment of man, Britain, or the western world as a whole.

The poetic narrative takes the form of a "drama of the psyche", couched in the dense symbolism of Blake's self-constructed mythology.

Because it includes a cast of billions, Jerusalem can seem confusing. The poem does not have a linear plot. Characters morph in and out of each other. A character can be a person and a place. Jerusalem, the Emanation of Albion, is a woman and a city. Albion, "the Universal Humanity," is a man and a land (Britain). He contains twelve sons who co-inhere with the twelve tribes of Israel, as well as Four Zoas. Every Zoa (embodying a life principle) has an Emanation (a feminine figure through which the human can become divine). The Zoas and Emanations include:

Tharmas, the primal man, linked with Enion, an earth mother.
Urthona, the spirit of inspiration, embodied in Los, the prophetic artist, who forges a city of art in his furnaces. Enitharmon, his Emanation, weaves beams of beauty.
Luvah, the "feeling-function" Zoa is Albion's spectre, whose counterpart, Vala, is Jerusalem's shadow. Vala eroticises war.
Urizen embodies Reason. Gracious Ahania is his Emanation.

This is like a final fantasy game jesus christ COLLECT THE FOUR ZOAS> I want to get into it at some point but I suspect it's more effort than I'm willing to spend at the moment!

6000+ downloads and links roundup. today i am become death

I didn't want to ruin the end for you :/

Games Released in 2010

i was born with a destiny of roses

Ringo Roadagain is first introduced as a man standing by the curtains near the door of his small, worn out log cabin located within a orchard. After walking out of the door the readers find that out that he is a tall and slender man probably in his late twenties ranging to his early to mid thirties. Unbeknownst to the contests of the Steel Ball Run wandering within the orchard, they were all under the affect of his stand, Mandom. It is safe to assume to that Ringo Roadagain reiterates the same line over to people lost within the orchard "You'll find your way out after you kill me."

Gaucho, thinking Ringo was playing with him in someway had enough, and thus challenged him to a duel. This is where the readers, Johnny, Gyro, and Hot Pants find out his uncanny ability to "analyze" things. A pissed off Gaucho foolishly charges and fires a couple of shots at him. All of which were futile except one that scrapped the bottom left corner of his neck. Ringo, firing a lone bullet got it into contact with Gaucho's heart. After "analyzing" he concluded "although it has reached the heart, it didn't destroy it completely." After taking one step closer to Gaucho, he fired once more and deprived Gaucho of his existence.

After seeing this unfold right in front of them, Johnny, Gyro, and Hot Pants devise a plan to kill Ringo which ultimately failed since Gaucho countered with his stand's abilities. A fight ensue, leaving both Gyro and Ringo injured, and Johnny aswell as Hot Pants unable to continue fighting. It is during the fight that the readers find out that the president, Funny Valentine, hired him to retrieve the corpse parts from Johnny and Gyro.

In the midst of the fight between Gyro and Ringo we find out more about Ringo's past. From birth, Ringo was a sickly young boy. He had fragile skin and was often ill. Ringo's father was drafted and sent to war, later escaped, imprisoned, and then died because of a disease. Ringo's family, branded as traitors, were forced to travel across the country. Ringo, ten, woke up one night to a large man in military uniform by his bed and his family, his mother and two sisters, killed. Underneath the table that had a bloody knife sticking on top of it. The large man looming over Ringo then tried to rape him but was greeted with a gun, that Ringo slyly took from the large man, pointing towards him. Ringo quickly shot the man as he charged at him. It was after this event that the formerly sick young boy experienced a newfound power. He overcame a wall that he called "The True Man's World," that he believed it was the only path he could pursue.

Gyro follows Ringo into his log cabin hoping to end the fight. A colossal showdown ensues between Gyro and Ringo. Gyro sends a devastating attack aimed at Ringo's collarbone which will paralyze Ringo's whole left side if it made contact. After a shard of wood pierces Ringo right below his left side of the shoulder, Gyro finishes him off by throwing one steel ball right at Ringo. Before his death Ringo utters, " the True Man's World."