Mouse Corp

Hello RMN,

How are you? I am well.
I have returned to post another semi-commercial shovelware effort.
This one is called Mouse Corp.
It is an adventure-simultaion, in glorious 3d.
It is "Pay what you like" for Macintosh, Linux and PC.
Come join the Mouse Corp:

Hope all well with everyone & that you enjoy this silly videogame.

- Stephen

Eerie persistance of first games


I was wondering if anyone here had this same experience: the first game I worked on in RPG Maker was an entirely generic, mad-lib sort of RTP game. As I kept using the editor I would basically drop games and start again from the ground up many times over, using new stuff I'd learned, but the characters, plot and general structure would kind of migrate between the different builds in swapped-around, mutant form. So the person who was a party member in A became a local guard NPC in B became a villain in C, and the end boss's name stayed the same, and the main character was now a detective, etc... It is interesting for me to think about now, because the purpose of all those new builds was to try to make something increasingly sophisticated / complicated / polished, but I was still using parts of the crude first game, and in many cases it felt like that kind of ground against the more polished elements. I don't think it was as respectable as being consistently interested in some character or idea, it was more a vague attachment to names, or the idea of a lineage, that persisted through many wholly dissimilar games...

In retrospect it feels kind of sad to me that the desire to make, like, more elaborate and polished containers for these primordial game ideas was part of what gradually ended up erasing them, but I also think it's part of the process of making things in general

Did this happen to anyone else, were there characters and names that stayed weirdly consistent from very early engine projects even as the rest of the game changed dramatically around them (maybe over years?)

Hidden Maps In Project Files


When I used to play RM2k3 games semifrequently I would always run them through the editor and if the game wasn't holding my attention do a quick scan thru the map directory listing so see some of where it was going and look for secrets.

I remember seeing games which had things like: top level container maps which were just RTP smiley faces or "hello" written in tiles, little warnings in map names like "DONT READ THIS" or "SPOILERS" or "GET OUT NOW" and I always thought it was the cutest thing. Unfortunately I don't remember any of the games that had this.

I am sorry for bad topic but would like to know if anyone remembers good examples of this or names that I could see them again. Does this still happen with XP/VX things or are the project files always hidden away for those? Or is there anything else that made good effect of the tendency for people to play RM2k/3 games in test mode and poke around as they were doing so.

Thank you,

50 Short Games

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! It's me, thecatamites!! I posted here for a while!! Did you ever wonder what had happened to me? No, me neither. But as it turns out I made all these videogames.

This is my first commercial package so I am shilling it anywhere. If you liked any of my previous games here then you may like this one. If you didn't like them then you probably won't like this either but you should purchase anyway to make fun of it and people will see you as a cool, happening fellow, just like the Game Grumps. The cost is €4. The games look like this.

except there are 47 more in a variety of different narratives and styles, all compiled into a helpful loader and with notes.

The official website is this and contains more info.

Well, I hope 2014, goes ok for everyone. Thank you for reading,
Stephen xoxo


overdramatic to make a topic about it but i'm going / i'm gone so if anyone sends me a pm etc and i dont respond its because of that and not that i'm personally blanking you or whatever. so long guys

what's the best yeaster game

i've been meaning to play one for ages since they all look really interesting and distinctive. i like the graphics and the storylines sound neat and the dialogue in the screenshots doesnt make me want to kill someone which is a nice change!!

i could just pick one at random but to be honest i just wanted to make a "shout out" topic for yeaster since he's released a ton of stuff and it all looks boss. what's up pal.


Hey, what a scoop. A cool guy named "teknogames" has released a free tileset tool called Pixothello: It is still being tinkered with but it gives an easy way of seeing how well tiles loop and interact with each other, and all the tiles are by default 16x16 which is the size of each tile on an RM2k3 chipset. Pixothello is very fun to use... I have been using it merely 10 minutes and already I am having fun, making tiles...

Even a dumb guy like me can have fun using Pixothello... Anyone interested in custom art or just having fun at a computer should certainly check out Pixothello... You'd be a fool, not to check out Pixothello...

If you try this program, then you might fine yourself spontaneously approaching strangers to say

"Hey, there is this neat program called Pixothello..."

Who knows what you may achieve, with Pixothello...

valedictory gamemaking drive

So who's up for this

I was thinking about this sites closure and decided that the most important thing about RMN for me was how it consistently got me up off my ass to actually make and release games. Whether for Action 52 or Shinan's contest or the various seasonal gamemaking contests I pretty consistently had a blast in trying to put together and release something under a deadline while also seeing what the other cool_dudes taking part would come up with. I think even beyond forumchats and recieving crits etc this kind of activity was what attracted me most to the site and was actually what made me join in the first place! And I thought it would be a fitting farewell kinda to use the forums closure as yet another excuse to hunker down and be productive.

So yeah if anyone is interested the aim is to release a full game before the forum implodes. This gives you a month!! to get something out. so you have until april 2.

If anyone's interested in judging what gets released etc then we can make an actual contest out of this sucker. It's not an official contest or whatever. You can use any engine or materials etc so 'go ape' as they say.

Themes are optional but in case you need one I would suggest: RAD DOGS

remember: "forums are temporary... finished games are forever" - dark_nietzsche_666

- catmitts
- Irili
- Shinan
- Geodude
- Kentona
- GreatRedSpirit
- Dicko
- tardis
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