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Epic Elf (2013) Review

I so much agree with some of the things you write, about RTP and details in particular, Spirit Young seems to have an incredible ease for making rpgs fun, funny, wonderfully put together and challenging!

Vampiros Review

Wow, that's a tour de force, and perfectly descriptive what's more, hats off!

Master of the Wind Review

30+, I remember reading somewhere.

The Hole Review

Pretty nice review, good read, did you know that Wonderprince was 9 years old when he did this? just discovered it.


The battle-tile system was really excellent. Good, clear review.

Master of the Wind Review

Right. (?)

Fey Review

I, personally am sure you just forgot about it (that's in fact what I imagined before you mentionned it), especially considering the bulk of the work is putting together a map that renders what you're looking for (quite a task!), the different elements not being the essential part, (which makes it easy to forget how exactly they were created, especially if they're 4 years old! "I first set out to develop a Zelda heavy engine", this explains it quite well : making a great game implies a whole evolution, each step of which are forgotten on the way.). Customizing, I imagine, is not done for the sake of customizing but because you have nothing underhand or editable that comes close to what you're looking for.

Edit : I wouldn't remove them, you could just add a "Graphics" paragraph to your presentation on the gamepage, saying : "overwhelmingly custom, there are a few Zelda edits, which I had completely forgotten and are due to the fact that when I started the game 4 years ago, "I set out to develop a Zelda heavy engine". I thank Jude,for pointing out those edits, and thus reminding me of my first steps in the making of FEY.

but, of course, it's up to you.

Fey Review

I very much agree with everything you wrote, particularly the overall judgement on the game. Very nice review (too!).

Sundown Project Review

Very nice review

Yes and
Looks like a cool game

Vindication Review

LockeZ; no one is going to make me beleive you're that angelic minded, no, once again, it shows how, in some cases, different people have a completely different take on a game, and that, if not for all of them, reviews sometimes are nothing more than a totally subjective opinion, this said, without minimizing the effect of your improvements on your game.
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