(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Interested in all forms of artistic creations
painted a little wrote a little
not quite worth publishing if not that far from it



What are you thinking about right now?

Has anyone played Diver Down, Verge2? I keep an imperishable souvenir of that game (rpg).

Gang Stalking

You think people's life being ruined, as well as the life of their children and close ones, by rumors od the worst kind being spread where ever they go by a gang of stalkers is NOT SIGNIFICANT?! Now I would like to understand this one!

In which country do you live.

Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Netherland, USA, France, England, Portugal, Sweden, Vietnam-14 people, 12 countries- just... amazing!


Nice, I like your style, very personal too.


I like it though.

In which country do you live.

The Featured Game Thread

Yes, I know...

Gang Stalking

The man is a scientist, I suppose he got it from his own works, also this has nothng to do whatsoever with CTs.

Gang Stalking

If you're very patient, this is a history of mind control technologies (it's after 40-41), 30% of the population of the USA. Source seems serious enough :

He's a doctor, but not a *real* doctor...