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Hello! Do you like Dead Like Me?

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Gang Stalking

@arcan : the difference here is that, if the presentator is trying to build up some theory (though I find his program very well done in the way he filmed the victims and showed some of every age, sex and class), on the other hand NONE of the wictims are trying to drag you in any kind of theory, actually most have no idea where this is coming from, and to say the least, theories are the least of their worries. They're trying and solely trying to survive by resisting the brainwashing and the torture, by uniting also, of course knowing who and what's behind gives you a better chance to fight it.

Gang Stalking

ok, I've found this, don't pay too much attention to the "detectives(?", they rather look like jokes but focus strictly on the victims, does any one of them look mad or even slightly unauthentic?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Great job, will love to play that game.

So, you guys who know how to play piano...

Does my format idea sound ok?

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Merry Christmas everyone!