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Gang Stalking

It seems that, if sometimes excessive in their conclusions, "conspiracy" theorists do uncover quite a few things about American politics, moreover this websites contains verifiable authentic documents very worth looking into (be careful not to throw the baby with the water, especially on this subject where any to the case serious document will systematically be mixed in with a lot of rubbish or disinformation so as to make sure sure anyone serious will reject it, which is exactly the way I reacted until a certain time); as for Fred Burks, it seems things are not as simple as they may seem and that it took some time and reflexion on his part to come to say the things he says today:about his appearance in "Conspiracy Theory" By Mel Gibson, his words :

"Now to make this even more weird, the film came out in 1997. Yet in 1997, I knew nothing about all of these conspiracy theories, and was in fact a debunker of conspiracy theories! Before my conversion in July 2001 (the result of information I've now posted at this link), I had many debates with my housemate Declan about his weird theories of global control, where I basically laughed him off as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. As a White House language interpreter, I had been in top secret meetings and never heard anything to confirm these bizarre conspiracy theories."

In any case, this video should be listened to, with Barrie Trower:

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Lotus_Games : I absolutely adore those screens : it's fresh, fun and so incredibly dreamy.

@JosephSeraph : like those very strazight RTP combined with a rather complex background, particularly the bottom one.

@SnowOwl : Everybody his/her taste I guess, I'm quite impressed with the screenshot, in particularly those two larvas on each side of the (electric?) fence with their respective matrice behind them. Interesting.

@Alichains : looking much better, really good actually.

Gang Stalking

You wanted serious, documented articles, here's the link:

and here is their (wise) introduction :
Dear friends,

It's quite fascinating how many people immediately discount anyone who talks about mind control. Government mind control programs have been reported in many major media articles and have been the subject of intense Congressional investigations which revealed widespread abuses. Below is yet another major media article on this key topic, this one revealing that some people who hear voices in their heads may actually be the subject of electronic harassment. As these articles and thousands of pages of declassified government documents make clear, mind control has been secretly studied for many decades.

If you are unaware of this important field of study, there are many reliable, verifiable resources which give much more information than the article below. For informative major media news articles on electronic harassment weapons, click here. For a brief, excellent summary of these weapons, click here. For a concise two-page summary of government mind control programs based on 18,000 pages of released government documents, click here.

Though this information may be disturbing, we feel it is better to be informed than to close our eyes. By spreading this information to our political and media representatives and to our colleagues and friends, we can bring this vital information to light and build a brighter future for us all. And for lots more excellent information on this topic, see the "What you can do" box at the end of this article.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton"


I'm buying! how much?
I find the main characters are very well disposed (just the foot of the girl should be behind the brown cloake), but, yes, the 3 small ones on the right are too much, imo. I don't mind the little green troll though.

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The Screenshot Topic Returns

Ali Baba and the 40 thieves? Nice maps!

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Is there something wrong with this world?

There is. This happens so often, understand your ire.
Haven't played the demo yet though:3, downloading!

Joined rmn, will hopefully be able to share first game pretty soon!

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Hey, well now that's a nice map:p

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