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Series Master! Part 1- Under World with Moam

Also, this is a pet peeve of mine, honestly, I hate demos. I hate playing demos. I hate seeing demos. When you create a demo, it’s like you are taking a break from your game to spam it out there, making people wait even longer for you to move your butt and finish what you started. I can't count the amount of times I've seen demos that are years old, with no finished product. Posting a demo is almost like saying, "Here's what I have. Should I continue?" I say, don't present your work to the world until you are proud of it and you have a sizeable chunk to display.


Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

There is a lot I have to say about this, but I agree to an extent. I can't speak for the other projects listed, but my game has almost 300 maps and about 4 hours of gameplay. Half of that could only be played if you hopped around in the editor. It crashed and burned because I spent too long making it. Ideas changed, concepts and designs were altered, and was just a huge mess! It was a failed experiment, but it was something I learned a lot from.
I'm very happy to read this, I have very longly wondered why quite a few of the funnest, prettiest, most innovative and inspired rpgs I've played were demos, I now have at least one explanation : in a way, too good for the engine...

Looking Back: Sunset Over Imdahl

About Sunset Over Imdhal, loved it, the graphics, so fresh and atmospheric, also one of the most unbearably heartbreaking story, one of the most strongly catching aspects of the game.

I never finished playing it, but I wish that I had.
What are you waiting for?

Take Down Forum RPG Minigame - Chocobo Racing

hum, uh.... maybe I'll just watch.

Looking Back: A Blurred Line

Thanks for that little bit of Line's End! I had no idea it existed..

Looking Back: The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Beautiful writing for TLOTPS, is it complete?

More Realistic Graphics Using Selection Tool

This said, I had completely forgotten about the selection possibility, which, I know, can be really interesting.

Making the Graphics for Faery Tale [Updated!]

Yeah, great job! and an interesting way to have good pictures other than (the very laborious) pixelling.

What's new?

As for myself, I never understood 20XX, tried and gave up on it (didn't work, whatever...). Your article renewed my interest, thx.

Mapping Tutorial - Dungeon Hall

How did you do this lighting effect?