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The Surrealist Tarot

@Starskipping : I'm not saying or never said you all are doing things wrong!!!! I found Calunio's article excellent, even if I did not agree with everything, this is directed exclusively to Max.

@Max : how intellectual of you..

The Surrealist Tarot

I am convinced of only one thing by Sam's response and it is that he has a delicateness and sensitivity that you seriously lack and that he chose to answer your brutal grossness with the most extreme delicateness, which, considering the subject in question, was certainly the best thing to do.

The Surrealist Tarot

I'm gonna hafta be the one to say it... Max, I found your choices of adjectives in this article to be needlessly (not to mention obnoxiously) mean-spirited. I actually had to take a few hours break to calm myself before finally reading the feedback on my own project, which still stung despite my preparation. Calunio's article did a fantastic job of pointing out flaws without personally offending the creators, while one needs only to read your recap of Fire Woman to recognize how little you care for people's feelings (pyrodoom is 12, as he's stated many times). Overall, I just found this article to be overwhelmingly negative, and it quickly became painful to read.

I agree, and I have to say I actually could not, literally, reread your comments on Beyond the Gate : it was too embarrassing and shocking, but, also,overall, yes, I definitely agree with sbester.

The Surrealist Tarot

I' m not blindly speculating, you wrote : "I found its manner and execution to me signified it had been made by someone who HADN'T had to deal with the brutal reality of death.", THAT is speculation, I just played the game, and talk about it as I would about Marguerite Duras's "Une mort très douce" (the death of her mother, by cancer, by the way), without questioning what to me is obviously implied by the work; I would feel VERY uneasy speculating on such a sensitive subject.
(I reckon the : "than Max seems to have" to be un-necessary.)

The Surrealist Tarot

I totally agree that the game is not surrealist at all, but to have made this game is to me evidence that the maker had to deal with the reality of death(not so much of such or such a desease, all the physical part is absent of the game), and the need to accept the brutal rupture that it is.

Edit : oh, answered a post that wasn't intended to me (sorry, Solitayre!)

The Surrealist Tarot

One of the conclusions is : Newblack and CARRIONBLUE go back to your worktables and finish those games so that we can really enjoy them!! rabitz and Epischdrew, please make a follow up to your game, all of which I am quite sure will not happen.

Seriously, I am very curious as to what Sam will answer to this article because, seeing his game, I would say he has been much closer to the experience of death than Max seems to have, considering his reaction, but I may be wrong.

The Surrealist Tarot

What I felt playing or after playing Sister's Storybook is totally undescribable, as it is a feeling, or sense, or again perception, but clear as day (and amazing, that a rpg game would succeed in this and I am terribly impressed), it was surrealism right there! (this is as good a "feedback" of this feeling as I can give).

edit : and I am very happy to hear that Max "really wanted to include it as a winner".

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Right, tricky!

Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

"And an actual discussion of surrealism stemming from this incredibly cursory discussion on an online freeware games site is preposterously silly", why not, actually and precisely, I think nothing should be kept in an " Ivory tower"; anyways, glad to see this finally coming to a concluson (afterwards it would actually be a right time for discussion, IF people are interested).

Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

Ah...., very surprised! but ok. I mean not surprised that it was inspired by Freud at all, surprised that's what it amounts to in itself (the surrealist movement).

Edit : let's say I really disagree with this :
"Surrealism is pleasure, but the ego doesn’t like it
As a manifestation of our pleasure principle, it is understandable that surrealism provokes such good feelings in us." I would say surrealism is much more intellectual than this, and an awful lot more ambiguous.