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Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

Well, the fact is I don't agree with your definition of surrealism : I really do not think it has much to with Freud's Principles of pleasure and reality, in fact I'd say nothing, it's an artistic movement that focuses on the way the mind works and the subconscious in particular (very present in dreams), not how it works in itself from an analytical point of view, but in life.

Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

Well done, I have, IMO, 2 objections : I found Sisters Storybook" amazingly surrealist, not in the overall story, but in the adventures of the hero , on the contrary, as for Novella, the meaning of which I realized I couln't in fact decipher, however long I took, it (in the best of cases) could be because it actually was not finished. At last, for Esoterica, I really appreciated the music, the fast paced one as the soft one ( for Zephyr's Sky, I regret not having been able to go past the tetris (I suspect some bug at this point), and thus not being able to have an idea of the game in it's whole, just to say).

Edit : omg!!! finally got my answer for ZS.,... well done, I was totally mystified!

How to take a screenshot and submit it to the site

Path Finding

Just downloaded the Sample Project, that is absolutely amazing! (didn't read the tutorial, not on that level yet : pointers!).

Pointers in Rpg Maker 2k(3)

No, I think I could finally understand... Thanks, yes this has helped. For the mini games, I thought of reproducing a very, very short melody (and that would look like those switches, such note at a precise time in the global order of the notes, everything resetting as soon as a error is made.{souvenir of a similar minigame which I had much enjoyed!)So I guess the best thing would to try your sort of exercise and see where I get stuck ?
Well, I can try...

Pointers in Rpg Maker 2k(3)

I really can't say I undersood the whole thing, I get it MORE OR LESS globally, I would certainly be absolutely unable to reproduce this sequence.
Could you tell me what "Tmp" and Tpr" stand for, it would probably help a bit (I would, If I could, make 4 interesting minigames, for my game, but I'm TOTALLY stuck there, at worse I can do quizz type of stuff... bah!)

Introduction to pixel movement in rm2k3

Not much to say, but : this is really amazing, never seen or even imagined anything like this (though in fps the AIs as they call them do exactly that, I imagine(?))!

The Do's and Don'ts of Mapping Part 7

Yes, I learned a few things there!

What makes a good dialogue? Part 3

Wow, this is some serious article. Thanks.

What makes a good dialogue? Part 1

Great reading, excellent advice, if not always simple to follow. Listening to others speak, and acting out with friends a dialogue stuck out as quite accessible. Great articles made by obviously really serious game makers. Thanks! (Part 2, now!)