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Your Intro Sucks, Clean Up That Mess

I like stories personaly, and I find that, in amateur rggs, one of the most polished and well done parts of the game (for the better ones) is often the intro,on the other hand, if after pressing enter "on" new game", I find myself nowheres, with a character that has no name , and no kind of consistence at all, normally in the worst (most inexperienced) games, having to immediately take control, I shut down the game definitely. This said, as for COMMERCIAL GAMES, I AGREE, but It would seem that those two types of games are basically different. (I happen to be rather bored by commercial games, while I enjoy enormously the very personal creativity I find in the best amongst amateur games.)

VX for Dummies: The Event Screen

In french, switch is "interrupteur", in rm2k3, the command to trigger a switch is page 1 "modifier un interrupteur", should be pretty similar.

Teamwork: Skillsets for your party of 4 (or more)!

The best games i've played are where ; 'physical and magic) armor(or defense) break
and speed break (eventually affected through weapons or skills) are the most precious of all attacks.

Gender Roles in Gaming

Yeah, I rather like the 2 before last lines, though I wouldn't maybe call that truth : "cold and hard"(!) and replace "how....lady", by "how to be a real woman" : right, there's no "how", you are or you aren't a woman or a man, period. At last, there are a few other ways of knowing : breast, for one, bearing children, for2,etc

Gender Roles in Gaming

... Am I taking this whole thing too seriously? xD
Not one bit! ("machoism", sorry).And I totally agree, the so-called "masculine" and "feminine" qualities society artificially fabricates put together are in fact what one calls a person.

Gender Roles in Gaming

"Back to the subject" yes, I agree.

Gender Roles in Gaming

As for Africa, that's right, and yes the statement about the Chinese vs the Occidental civilisation is, of course, exaggerated. Nevertheless, the Chinese and some other Asian civilizations are much more ancient than the occidental one.

Gender Roles in Gaming

I wasn't, so I heard some Chinese comment, and its known their civilisation is by far the most ancient. This said, I admit i'm no expert on history.
I don't know if you heard this wonderful comment about Gandhi : asked what he thought of occidental civilization, he answered : "Its not a bad idea."!!!

Gender Roles in Gaming

Well, as they say, they were already civilized when we were still monkeys jumping from tree to tree, maybe this explains that!?

Gender Roles in Gaming

How can repressing their emotions be good to any one's development?