(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Interested in all forms of artistic creations
painted a little wrote a little
not quite worth publishing if not that far from it



Update Time... Again.

I really like your menu, interesting question about dialogues, maybe if the boxes were systematically more discreet?

May I lure you to my Tumblr with a video?

Sounds interesting, of course seeing everything yet has still to be done, I remain very expectant(a lot and very little is said here : different engines:which, "lots of details and new ideas : how), wish you best of luck and, mostly, accomplishments.

Of portraits and ATSs.

I like your portraits, there's something undefined about them that makes them lively.

Go and play Under World 1 now.

"People love to bitch around here, for sure..."
For sure...

A few days from release

game of the fucking year right here

quite possibly!


Yeah, take it easy!

wilbur is that you

Ahaha, sorry? but I found the whole story (turning endlessly like a cat trying to bite its tail) funny, interesting read!

Happy New Years!

Well that's a present!