(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Interested in all forms of artistic creations
painted a little wrote a little
not quite worth publishing if not that far from it



Enter the Godot

As a general rule, I prefer the exhaustible member, eventually "fragile" but with extreme-and eventually extremely helpful-spells.

Reflections before entering the apocalyptic year of 2012

Last one looks a bit like Emmych,( without the smile and with different colours!) I really love the 6 sprites in different poses at the top.

christmas spirit

No dog I know has an erection that size, not to mention the penis.

christmas spirit

What animal was that!? love their faces.

Where Only Dreams Can Take You Testers/Group Members


"Definitely underrated game right now, I feel like a lot of people are missing out. "
I agree, this game is the product of real talent, the lack of buzz is bizarre, don't mind it, keep at it.

The game has not been can'd

Well, I certainly enjoyed your relationship with Victor-Sankt, it was very sweet; I didn't play the demo, but the videos I saw of your game all looked really exceptionally beautiful. Good luck elsewhere!

What the hell, let's blog about it

I must say you really did that one well!

File Size? Is It Important?

I,don't mind, I can wait a very long time for a game really want to play.