(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Interested in all forms of artistic creations
painted a little wrote a little
not quite worth publishing if not that far from it



First Boss Encounter Video

Great battle, loved it. Hadn't seen one like that for a long time.


Here goes!

Lots of little things!

It looks ok, but the head's too big and the arms, the left (on the right) muuuch too small.

I'm going commercial!

Good blog title to catch the eye, but for a minute there : "what! going commercial, sbester!!!!", then I read the first line and lol, reassured! I see you're still working like 5, you should get a medal of some sort, like "Bravest Maker" or something.



Love and War: Act I OUT!

Congrats! and loads of fun for us ahead.

Final Version Released!

Keeping it in RMN.

I discovered RPGs with GW, and yes, it was fun. But frankly, aside a very, very few exceptions, the games considered as amongst the best back then were Jay's Journey or I-don't-remember-who's-adventures : 100% rtp, button mashing RPGs we'd find very boring today. If you look around and "smell the coffee" here on rmn, the quality of the games that are made today is way, way, beyond that of those of GW. Progress is a very slow phenomenon and can go un-noticed to some, but it's so definitely there.

Dialogue Choices

I tend to check if the NPCs have more than one line, but the problem then is that you can just read all the lines in a row, which doesn't make much sense, there has to be some kind of trick to avoid that.