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vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

author= Ciel
in the 18th century when educated aristocrats were in control of everything, quality painting, music, and writing was at the forefront of culture in france, germany, and italy. because the people who determined which work was successful and which artists were paid knew what they were talking about better than the average human being.

the composers who wrote music and performed for the court did so because the court knew they were good and rewarded them directly. those who weren't good were ignored and remained in obscurity. that filter doesn't exist now. capitalism is the status quo and nobody cares about anything but money, so anything that can potentially make money is acceptable. people like garbage because they don't know any better.

This the most unexpected and amusing defense of monarchy I have encountered, it shows you must be an American. You forget that capitalism is not the opposite of monarchy but democracy, and forget also the thousands of potential artists coming from poor backgrounds who never got a chance to become what they wanted, probably did not even have the chance to know they wanted it. Democracy being also the access to culture for all, beleive me, things are much better now than they were under governing monarchies. Also amusing, so you consider yourself as an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture?

Edited : I've reduced the quote strictly to what I had read of Ciel's post that had made me jump, maybe my comment will be better understood now...?

vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

oh, hey, enough!

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Disaster Has Struck, Yet Again.

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