(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Interested in all forms of artistic creations
painted a little wrote a little
not quite worth publishing if not that far from it



Character Art - The Process

The after ones are so much better. I think the blond male is slighty crosseyed?

Fixed Logo? Dis-heartened...

Maybe start a "little" game on your side that you really want to do, it'll give you more pep to work on this one, a suggestion...

Why you kick ass (and making enemies is really hard)

Looks good. This is going to be something, a regulat 3D game on rmn!

To Steal or Not to Steal?

There was something like that in the excellent Lachter City (exact title?), it was very cool, as well as the french AĆ«demphia. I wonder if the problem isn't that if you choose to have a low morality you're not automatically penalized, but I didn't try both, so I wouldn't know. In other words, following somewhat Kentona's suggestion, how do you manage to make the "bad" morality also "redeeming" gamewise speaking? how do you manage to make the advantages of choosing the "bad" path equal to those of choosing the "good" one?


I love those drawings, the lion and the perroqueet in particular, all of them, but why is the woman the only human ? (are you an illustrator, ae?)
(hmm, narcodis..., yes.. I've seen this name before, a loooooong time ago, good luck!).

SSP Trailer!

That trailer is beautiful.

Thukerin' Thukertath!

It's ok, take your time. Sorry for coming out so violently (+ boredom sometimes...); and take care.

Thukerin' Thukertath!

ok, I think I know what happened : you're right, we all just did one little map and she is doing a whole game, and no one has the right to demand that she does it at all, much less quickly!
It so happens that this map was the very first somewhat serious thing I've done on rmn (after months of posting and looking around), it was, for me, daring and a first step in committing myself on rmn (with a bit of a heartbeat(probably not english, but), if you see what I mean...). The fact the project didn't come to a result was totally unexpected, then (if you add a tinsy bit of paranoia..) almost(?) personally disturbing, and terribly frustrating.
So, yes,
yeah, I only meant to say nobody is (or should be) particularly concerned about this. It's just not our place to be! And much less it is to be insistent about it.
,of course. It's just that this particular situation did make me feel "particularly concerned about this". If not justifiable, at least it's understandable, or I hope..