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Finding Chibae
Three small children explore a cave to find a legend



Shadow Fate

I loved watching the streams of this game, it looks so gooooood, and can't wait till its released commercially. Good work swan.

[DEV TOOL] Comprehensive List of Reviewers/Feedbackers/LPers/LTers/Play Testers/etc

I would Like to sign up, I am a let's player and let's tryer. :)

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

Made a let's play of the first 45mins of the game, Might continue to do more :

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I am workin on a very secret project, that I will not tell you about, but what i will tell you is, there maybe romance :P and u can keep track of yer friendship with your companions via a evented screen I am working on (cos the scripts i tried to use, were too complicated for my small brain to comprehend, or conflicted with scripts i used) :P here is a screenie of what I done so far :

I will change the graphics, they are just there to bug test :P

Perspective or Orthographic for RPG

well it has been used in games like Grandia
am not sure how they achieved this tho, but u can move the camera round with a button on controller (i played it back on ps1). But i say depending on the sprites u can achieve either. but for the current sprites u using Orthographic looks better :).

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

Its because they don't know how to, or can't make an rpg game, so go with whats easy, make a chase horror game that requires so levelling, no equipment's and just explore and trying to survive.

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

^^^ Exactly what Red_Nova said
Re: fighting in horror games.

In my opinion you need the ability to fight back. Not to give the player a feeling of empowerment, not because fighting is fun, but because it adds a layer of questions the player needs to be constantly running through their heads:

"Do I have enough healing supplies for a fight? Do I have enough ammo to kill them? Do I have the ammo type that this enemy is weak against? If I kill it, is it gonna come back even stronger later? Am I going to go though this hallway multiple times? If so, should I put down the enemies in this hallway now?"

These are questions that players would struggle with if multiple weapon types were available to them. If you don't have any method of fighting back and your only option is to run, then that's exactly the issue: you have a solution to the problem. When players have solutions to problems, they're not as scared.

When there are multiple solutions to a problem, players might get paralyzed trying to figure out which one to act upon. And while they're figuring out a solution, enemies are inching closer.

So yeah. Weapons. Not just weapons, but varied weapons. And varied enemies weak to different weapons. Play your cards right, and players will have a fun game to come back to after the scares wear off. Otherwise, players will go through your game once, have a fun time, and forget about it two hours later.
Exactly, this is the type of game i would play :)

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

But how will i win, if i can't fight back ;( It also doesn't make it scary for me, it just makes it boring cos, i like fighting back and gunz and knives are fun.

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

What i hate about the RM horror games, is they all have the exact same chase scenes, always stuck in a stupid mansion. They never give u any weapons, the only way to survive is to out run your enemies. Come on be original, give us something to defend ourselves, use something different.

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Idle pose for Mog Hunter Schala battle system Script

not an idle sprite, i mean to add an idle graphics into the script so i can have a separate graphics for idle. Sorry if i didn't word the post properly. atm the battle system uses the walking sprite on the spot for idle, and i do not want that.

@Trihan, no biggie. Maybe another helpful person can help.