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Finding Chibae
Three small children explore a cave to find a legend



[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Idle pose for Mog Hunter Schala battle system Script

hi all, Was wondering if anyone could add in a _idle pose for this battle system, at the moment the idle pose is the walking animation on the spot.

this is the battle system I am on about

thanks :)

Beyond Reality (IGMC 2014 Edition) Review

Well there is a finished version out, and its been sold on steam and is much more complete. I finished it, and enjoyed it here is the steam page :

Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

the sprites are so cute, animations make them all the more cuter. The artwork is amazing you sir have a ton of talent, you will go far :)

Finding Chibae

Fixed that bug, sorry the lights gives your graphic card so much trouble ;(

Finding Chibae

thanks for the input,
I forgot to disable switches for the Savepoints. I have no idea why characters would lose stat points and I will look into why Sadie gains more exp.

The reason why i say it is complete is because this game was made for a contest for indie in a week, and i just ported to MV for better plugins :P

I am planning for a remake version of this game, with a much more detailed story and much longer, side view battle system and custom graphics :). Thanks for the feedback it is greatly appreciated.
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