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Finding Chibae
Three small children explore a cave to find a legend



Final Fantasy VIII- The Sorceress War

same link is not working and I would really like to play this.


thanks to those that have played the game. But like i said in the description if u read it, I said right now there is no story. All u can do is explore and enjoy the atmosphere. Sorry to disappoint those that have played it.

So.. I just started the game and first, i don't know how i can save but that's okay, i can figure this out and second i seem to have a bug while entering a room, well while trying to enter it ; i juste get stuck in the door between the walls and when i exit i just get send to another room far away from the corridor i was in. Really strange even though i think the game as great graphics and a great atmosphere. I just started but i will see if there is anything more to add.

And yes, there's more. At the end, i did every room that was accessible, searched every cupboard i could acess and when i saw that the door was locked.. I just raged. No. I'm sorry, but no. I am disappointed about that game and i won't continu playing it. Sorry.

Like i said in description there is no story, I'm sorry about the bugs u encountered, you must have played the IGMC version, as the other version is fully fixed. I should've mentioned that I apologize.


Did a video on this

The Chronicles of Espiria

Played this as a tester and man was it amazing. I cannot wait till this project is complete to play it in its full glory. Drassray keep up the amazing work, and continue working on this amazing piece.

Shadow Fate

I loved watching the streams of this game, it looks so gooooood, and can't wait till its released commercially. Good work swan.

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

Made a let's play of the first 45mins of the game, Might continue to do more :

Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

the sprites are so cute, animations make them all the more cuter. The artwork is amazing you sir have a ton of talent, you will go far :)

Finding Chibae

Fixed that bug, sorry the lights gives your graphic card so much trouble ;(

Finding Chibae

thanks for the input,
I forgot to disable switches for the Savepoints. I have no idea why characters would lose stat points and I will look into why Sadie gains more exp.

The reason why i say it is complete is because this game was made for a contest for indie in a week, and i just ported to MV for better plugins :P

I am planning for a remake version of this game, with a much more detailed story and much longer, side view battle system and custom graphics :). Thanks for the feedback it is greatly appreciated.
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